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It is often difficult for many of us to immediately accept full responsibility for our own actions; although some are willing to accept that unconditionally, such as what parents do to their children. However, it is still largely difficult for many people to accept our mistakes and we may point fingers at others. If we don’t accept consequences of our actions, we may refuse to think more objectively.
Our inability to accept our own behaviours and actions may result from the feeling of insecurity. They may think that by accepting responsibility for their actions, they admit that are powerless and weak. They may think that it causes them to lose the sense of importance and value.
If this happens, we should think back the last time we accepted responsibility for our actions, even it is during our childhood. We could find out that doing such a thing isn’t bad for ourselves. In fact, we can be happier and feeling more vibrant. We should also realize that we can’t place blame on other people.
Responsibility is probably one of the most important in our society. It starts from responsibility of parents to great leaders. Our leaders govern the country to provide welfare and security for the people. This is an immense responsibility that many people can’t easily handle. Great leaders can bring us plenty happiness and even sorrow.
Some of us could experience the unfortunate condition of being ruled by inappropriate leaders. In this situation, we understand about the importance of keeping our responsibility intact. People would immediately demand for leaders to be more responsible, but in many cases, we are just powerless.
Part of being mature individuals is by being more responsible. Small children may are not required to be responsible, but as we grow older, it is important to learn to be more responsible. Responsibility is inescapable, even on unmarried and unemployed adults. In fact, we have specific responsibility as a member of the society. We will be expected to keep things ordered and help others around us.
A highly responsible society can provide many benefits for its individual. This is something that we shouldn’t ignore, because responsibility is also a gift that we need to respect.
But, how we know that we are being responsible? For starters, we should make a list of things that others and the society expects us to do. These things should bring benefits and our failure to fulfil them could bring disorder, even at the smallest level. A highly ordered society could be more just and wealth is often properly shared.
But, how if our leader fails to act responsibly? In a highly democratic society, we could immediately express our concerns and leaders are required to respond. In fact, many wars and conflicts were caused by lack of responsibility that’s displayed by unjust leaders. In essence, true responsibility could bring happiness, order and increased wealth.
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