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You might not realize it but there are actually several ways on how to get education in China; whether you want your child enrolled in a Chinese prep school or want him or her to prepare for university in a Chinese high school. Expat parents nowadays are very lucky that opportunities and access to education for their children are more relaxed. Local citizens on the other hand are reaching their dreams of acquiring prized education for their children as well because of the innovations and programs implemented by the national government through the auspices of the Ministry of Education. The question is how can you get education in China?

How To Gain Education In China Through Several Ways

  1. For expat parents who hold legal resident status, public schools are available for them to enroll their children in. The cost of tuition is lower (free for citizens of China) as opposed to private schools and international schools. However, the quality of education in public schools is not similar with international schools and private schools.
  1. For wealthy locals, getting superior education is available with private schools and international schools. These are also schools of choice for foreign residents and students who can afford tuition and other school fees. Quality of education is better because private and international school administrators can afford to invest in experienced and better trained teachers and the latest evolution of school facilities and equipments.
  1. For foreign high school students who want an English based medium of instruction on different subjects such as mathematics, science, and others, boarding schools, ESL colleges, language schools, and English academies are found in urban locations across China. They can attend public junior and senior secondary schools also but the language barrier might put them at a disadvantage. It is suggested that they should learn a few basic Chinese phrases to make their study years worthwhile.
  1. If for some reason, expat parents have children with learning disabilities, there are special schools in China which caters to them. Learning difficulties should not be a reason not to send children to school and learn the basics on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Do not worry if your child has autism, attention deficit disorder, sight and hearing problem, and other disabilities which makes learning more challenging.
  1. If you want your child to experience an easy transition from studying in China to other countries, check if the private schools or international schools where you enrolled them are following an international baccalaureate program. In this type of curriculum, academic credits are recognized by other international schools around the globe. Therefore, your children will not be relegated to one year or a grade below should you transfer or move back to your country of origin.

Studying in China is an exciting experience since it enables the student to gain education and at the same time discover new environment, culture, and people that will help the child towards total personality development. Enrolling your child in a public Chinese prep school is just one of several ways to gain education in this country.


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