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Interesting Features Of The Diet Feeders You Need To Know For Agricultural Industry

Diet feeders are often synonymous with the concept of complete diet feeding and functions to solve the purpose extremely well. They have been developed through the years while promoting better productivity in the field of agriculture. However, we all know better productivity is possible only when there are advanced technology and machinery. This can not only ease the work of the farmers but also increase the pace with which farmers work and do it with efficiency. One of the popular advanced agricultural machinery is the diet feeders. This machine has incorporated within it the qualities of simplicity, reliability and strength giving farmers the relief that the equipment will do justice to their agricultural work. The robust yet simplistic design guarantees problem free working of the machine with full efficiency. The design has the ability to handle various types of feed and at the same time produces high quality mix. The help that this machine provides is improved animal health, longevity and fertility of animals, better quality of milk, higher milk yields and reduced labour force.

The diet feeders have special shaped mixing auger along with a tub that can handle square or even large bales of silage, straw and hay. This auger also performs the task of mixing as well as chopping functions within a simple cycle. The feed is towards the top side of the auger, following which it falls down on the outside of the feeder only to follow the same cycle of operations. This approach is continuously followed to make sure that the feed is constantly chopped and mixed to the desired length. The heavy duty auger however comprises of 9 hard wearing serrated blades that is in combination with special shapes that allow extensive chopping and mixing in order to blend the ingredients evenly. The serrated blades are designed from specially prepared steel those are mounted on backing plates in order to get some extra support while loading and mixing. The doors are positioned on the corners of the tub since that ensures the feed is evenly distributed and are also empty completely post the successful completion of the task.

Mixer Wagon Attributes

The mixer wagon has the ability to mix a large concentration of ration with forage feed. The attributes listed below are some of the most common diet feeders:

  • Complementary forages like for example maize silage and grass silage can be mixed together.
  • Proper control and accurate monitoring of feeding can be done.
  • From straights concentrate diet components can be mixed well.
  • Cleaning, chopping and mixing roots into a ration.
  • Straw can be successfully and finely chopped.
  • Wagons have the ability to transport the feed efficiently from the storage area of feed to the feeding shed.
  • Whole grains are treated with the alkali products in order to improve storage characteristics and digestibility.
  • Mixed rations are dispensed easily and evenly in front of the animals.

Uses of Diet Feeders

  • Home Blending – Diet feeders are blessed with the ability to mix minutely purchased straights. This process is fast, efficient and extremely cost effective.
  • Incorporating Other Feeds – Diet feeders have the ability to mix, blend and transport effectively a diverse variety of feed types. The varieties are complementary forages like maize or even whole crop wheat and they feed on grass silage. Diet feeders are being used to mix the forage in order to give it to the animals. Diet feeders are high on utility to feed wet or even moist feeds.

These are some of the most important features about diet feeders that you need to know. The main purpose of having diet feeders is to look after the farm and the health of the animals you have.


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