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5 Best Unpopular Features of Chrome

There millions of people around the globe use the chrome as their default browser. The browser gives the faster access to internet with safe connection to the server. Within few weeks of release the chrome becomes a major requirement to most of internet users as it delivers the online access with high speed and accuracy in page load always trustable. Later on on each update the chrome is getting better and better with many changes and upgradations, there are many new features are into the chrome environment. Mostly the internet users uses the chrome as simple browser, but there are few powerful and most useful hidden features on chrome.

Dragging the Tabs

Yes! You read it correctly in chrome browser you can drag the present working or any open tab out of the chrome browser which create new browser window or you can also change the position of tabs by holding them and drag left and right to fit in a particular position. These draggin can help while working on different areas of same workforce. You can view the separate tabs at once by creating them two separate windows by just dragging and resizing. You can also drag multiple tabs at once by holding the shift key + select the tabs and just drag.

Omni BOX

The omni box is nothing but the URL bar given at the top which is used to enter the URL. In previous versions it has been just URL bar, but now it’s more than that with very useful features. The main box instantly searches the keyword you entered if it finds the most popular website, with keyword, then it directly openups the website directly for you, this saves so much time for you. The omni box also offers the unit converter calculator where you get instant results also. There many others features also included with omni box.

Drag them to the Desktop

The browser also offers the file saving of few files by just dragging them to the desktop. You can drag the urls, images, text, animations and icons to the desktop. This gives faster saving time, you need not follow the conventional way of saving the files. For URLs the chrome creates a clickable link on the desktop when you drag and drop them on the desktop.

Multi File Opener

You can open different files in chrome itself, you can watch video, listen to music as you listen to, media players, it opens the documents like word, excel, pdf and others just like document viewer but no modification can be done. You can read them there itself.

Open the Accidentally Closed Tabs

It will happen many times to us, manual closing, power failure, system failure can close the chrome browser so you have to restart the chrome and have start all over again. But the feature added to chrome makes your life easier in these kind of situations. Use this command to open the accidentally closed tabs and restore your work, Control-Shift-T, by hitting more no of times it goes back to tabs as browser history stored.


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