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We are just a few days away from entering the age of next-generation and giving global users a much faster internet browsing experience in 2020. From internet browsing, video streaming, video conferencing to online gaming, everything will be going to change with the changing figures of this year. 

While mobile app designers and telecom industry are at the edge of deploying 5G networks, it’s a big mystery for the users that how it will impact the mobile app development in 2020. 

According to the Brain Cornell, CEO, SmarterCX, says “Technology is going to distribute the future of work, perhaps sooner than we thought”. 

We all know that technology is revolutionizing at the fast-paced. Still, have you ever imagined that technology will get so advanced that transmission of millions of MB of data from your system to millions of connected devices will be a matter of just one click?

No, you don’t need to trust our statement, look at this graph that represents you, 5G is not a revised version of 4G/LTE. Instead, 5G networks are 5 times faster than 4G networks and boost the mobile subscriptions in future. 

While 5G is already set to roll out, this technology is expected to contribute trillions of global revenue by 2035. 

Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that the Fifth Generation of the network brings an entirely new architecture in the field of a wireless network. While the mobile networks have evolved from time to time to get further better access to mobile networks and acknowledged by the users as they always want their apps and phones to process faster than ever. 

This brings the real change in the field of technology and provides a clear picture to mobile app developers about the future of 5G. In fact, this is what encourage them to develop mobile applications with 5G possibilities. 

How Does 5G Network Be Better Than 4G/LTE?

Most App Development Companies have already released the increasing impact of the 5G wireless network in the same year it has been invented (2019). Still, as the year changes, millions of users are estimated to turn on the 5G network. So to make the mobile application run smoothing and start to function even with more features, Mobile App Development companies must develop applications with 5G possibilities to provide the excellent access to the users and save their time.

The Impact of 5G Network on Mobile App Development

  1. Ensure Speedy Data Transfer

Today there are millions of applications that enables you to transfer the files or data from one device to another. Apart, there are millions of cash transactions have been managed through these applications. So the use of 5G in this field will support the applications to work better and increasing the transferring ability of the app. 

  1. Integrate Wide Option of Features

For mobile app users, there is nothing more frustrating than accessing the app that takes too long to respond. Depending upon the speed of the wireless network with a lower latency rate, Android app development companies can develop more efficient apps that can increase productivity and also give excellent user experience. Hence, ultimately, this eventually increases the revenues for the app developers, no matter whether on which platform it has been built. 

  1. Least Dependency on the Hardware

As 5G wireless network is 5 times faster than 4G, thus ensuring you high speed, real-time connection or communication between devices. With the help of high-speed data, app developers can transfer millions of files from one device to another without depending on hardware and causing any delay. 

  1. Enhance User Experiences

One of the most significant impacts that you can count on 5G Technology is the clear and straightforward User Interfaces. If you are the one who has experienced all the generations from 1G to 4G to 5G, you can easily make out the difference. But if you have born in the age of digitization, then do a little experiment. Watch the video or listen to music on the 4G network and later on 5G, you will quickly notice a difference. Obviously, this network encourages the developers to scaleup the app UI to a considerable extent. 

  1. Use of 3D Models

With the access of 5G network, cross-platform mobile app development related to 3D gaming and AR will get considerable hype. The use of 5G enabled mobile app developers to develop solutions that deliver top-notch quality 3D models of objects. 

Now the question is, What are the essential highlights of 5G that will change the face of mobile app development?

If you are the one who has been familiar with the 5G challenges and still clueless that how to develop an app with 5G possibilities, then let’s take a closer look at the few things that mobile app developers should incorporate in their apps. 

Proven Ways to Prepare A Mobile App For 5G Revolutions

There are millions of devices going to connect with the 5G network, but are your applications ready to work on those devices with a 5G wireless network? 

No doubt, 5G is the future of mobile app development and take the industry to the new heights. From enhancing the user experience to an overall elevation of the mobile app market, the innovation behind the 5G network will bring a significant change. Here are the highlights of the 5G networks that can hugely affect the mobile app development.

  1. Faster Respond Time

Gone are those days when users have the patience to get the response of their application with the slower networks. 5G is going to drastically reduce the reaction time of the applications to 1 millisecond and even lesser than that. Mobile apps are responding far quicker than you thought. 

  1. High-Speed Wireless Connectivity

Such industries like healthcare, logistics, etc., can get better control of their work with a 5G network. 5G brings high-speed remote connectivity; hence, communication will be greatly improved in remote and crowded areas. With the use of 5G connectivity, all the healthcare obstacles will be carefully handled like checking patients record, monitoring patient’s health, getting a consultation from the doctor, and so on.

  1. Improve Battery Life

In this age of digitization, millions of users access applications for everything! The extreme access of these applications on smart devices can quickly eat up the battery and turn it into a frustrating user experience. But now with 5G, IoT devices will be enabled to extend their battery life by around 10 times than what exactly is today. The Fifth generation network allows you to manage things much faster than before and lead to excellent user experience. 

Challenges Associated With The Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps

iPhone App Development companies have commonly noticed a few challenges while preparing their application for the 5G networks:

  1. Security Issue

While the higher speed of 5G wireless network will lead to a buttery connection of millions of devices and networks, sometimes connecting your device with the number of devices will create loopholes in terms of security. 

  1. Anticipating the 5G Based Business Model

The 5G based business model can tremendously give a boost to many industries, but to establish this model, the mobile app development company has to provide a lot of thought to decide best app development strategy. 

  1. Multiple App Versions

While 5G is coming into practice, the app users will be divided into parts. One will be those who have devices fitted for 5G technology and other those who are still accessing the applications with 2G and LTE network.

Ending Note:

In a nutshell, 5G wireless network will a game-changer in mobile app development in 2020. Not only it opens up whole new possibilities for the mobile app development companies but also scales up the user experience by offering faster and hassle-free remote connectivity. With the list of benefits mentioned above, the use of 5G wireless network is going to prove as the best option for the applications. All these benefits of 5G over 4G portrays the positive impact on mobile app development. 



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