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Job Interview Style Tips To Give You More Confidence

Most employers won’t admit it, but confidence is one of the first things they judge about you when you walk into an interview, and many know whether or not they want to hire you based on these important first impressions. If you are confident, you will make a much better first impression. Of course, all of this pressure doesn’t exactly help you feel more confident! Here are some tips to help you avoid the stress and look put-together even if you’re anxious about how this interview will go.

Job Interview Style Tips To Give You More Confidence

Remember that it isn’t really about you.

Being in a job interview can feel like a lot of pressure if you feel like how you do in the interview reflects you as a person. Remember, the job interview isn’t really about you, but about how well you fit into the role the employer wants you to play in their organization. If you don’t fit into that mold, it’s not a reflection of you – it just means you need to find an employer whose mold is perfect for you! Focusing on presenting yourself in an honest, but positive light is easier if you don’t feel that your performance in the interview is a direct reflection of who you are.

Focus on your Style and Dress up a Little.

Unless your interviewer explicitly states that you should dress down, it never hurts to dress up a little. Rather than wearing an old polo shirt, try a crisp new shirt with a stiff collar. If you’re considering a skirt, add tights and make sure your hair is styled into a presentable, businesslike fashion. Take one extra step beyond your usual nice dress to show that you’re serious about the job, as the way you dress can help boost your confidence. Of course, formal evening-wear is out – you don’t want to look like you’re showing up the interviewer. Try to get a sense for the company’s dress code during your initial interview so you can match it if you are called back.

Make sure your Face looks Honest and Interesting.

Rather than focusing on an absolutely perfect makeup job, try a natural but pretty look for your makeup. You can wear colored contacts from a source like Next Day Contact Lenses if you want to make a bigger impression with your eyes, but you’ll want to remember what color you wore in case you’re called back for another interview. Look at natural tones for your makeup and don’t go too outrageous unless you’re applying for a job as a makeup artist. People like being able to read your expressions and often prefer a more natural look so they can identify more easily with you and what you say.

Having confidence in a job interview can mean the difference between getting your foot in the door and never hearing back. Set yourself apart from other applicants by remembering that the interviewer is trying to see whether you will really fit into the job they have available, not judge you as a person. Dressing up and improving your style can help you land that dream job!

Sarah Cole is a recruiter. She frequently shares her top tips for putting your best foot forward on career blogs.


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