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Have you lost your cell phone? Are you tensed that the important information and details about your life like your bank details might fall in wrong hands? Then you must opt for a phone locator app like the mspy app which has all the necessary features of a phone locator app. to know about all the features you can click on the link https://www.mspy.com/. To locate cell phone GPS is what is used by the smartphone. The GPS is usually in built in nearly all the technologically advanced devices.

There are different ways of using a GPS on a cell phone to locate a device depending upon the type of device:

  1. Tracking a lost iPhone device:

Apple Company products are one of the largest sold smartphone devices in the market. So it necessary for people who own these smartphones to keep in mind the procedure to get back these devices in case of loss or theft. When one uses an iPhone they are bound to have Apple ID’s and password to grant them entry to the iCloud. These ID and password are elemental in locating your lost iPhone. What you have to do is:

  • Enter the Apple ID and password to access the iCloud and on the home page you will find the option of ‘Find my iPhone’. Since your phone is lost you can use somebody else’s iPhone or iPad to do so.
  • After entering in the ‘Find my iPhone’ option you will have to choose the device to be found from the list of devices mentioned in the page.
  • The map will immediately display the position of the lost iPhone device and if the battery of the lost device is worn off, the map displays the last position of the device when the battery was in working order.
  • For more option one can click on the dot on the map that shows the position of the device and then click on the icon that appears. Upon doing so a window pops up in the right corner on the map which contain options of what you want your device to do like:
  • Make the iPhone emit a shrill sound even if it is in mute mode.
  • Lock the device and display the number to be contacted by the person who finds the phone
  • Remotely erase the memory of the phone if you feel there are no chances of getting back the phone so that the information or data in the iPhone does not fall in wrong hands.
  1. Tracking a lost android device:

Use and sale of android devices are as many as that of iPhone devices since they are easy to use as well as the devices are cheaper as compared to the rates of an iPhone. But even if they are cheaper than an iPhone it has the same value to the owner as any other device and so it is also necessary for owners of android devices to keep in mind the procedure to get back their android devices.

  • Opening the android device manager: as an Apple ID and password is to iPhones, similarly Google ID and password is to android devices. To find a missing android device one can take the help of the Android Device Manager which is a tool that enables you to track a lost or stolen android phone. You can access the android device manager from another android phone or also from a desktop browser.
  • Log in: upon accessing the android device manager you will need to use your Google account Id and password to log in. The log in ID and password should be of the account that has been synced to the lost device.
  • Choosing the action to be performed on the lost phone: there are many option you will find to perform on your lost device like:
  • Make the android device ring at its loudest to know its location if it is lost nearby.
  • Lock the device with a new pin and have the option to include a message for the finder of the phone
  • Erase the entire data on the phone to avoid leaking it in the hands of the wrong people

On lose of a cell phone, panic sets in. but don’t worry. To locate cell phone GPS is the most reliable option.


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