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One of the world’s most famous Sweden manufacturers for computer related devices, Logitech, has now introduced a very attractive wireless keyboard. The company dubs the new device K400, a wireless keyboard equipped with a multi-touch pad. Judging at the long rich history of keyboards, this new keyboard from Logitech is a certain cutting-edge keyboard with technologies never seen before on similar devices. Read on for more details on this particularly revolutionary keyboard.

So, to start it off, one of the innovations that Logitech is trying to offer with this keyboard is – as mentioned earlier – the built-in touchpad that supports multi-touch navigation. Thanks to such a touchpad, browsing the internet as well as the local drives themselves feels pretty amazing. It gives users of the keyboard an unrivaled experience. Users can even get rid of their physical mouse while using their PC for everyday computing.

Besides the touchpad, the keyboard still has a lot of attractive features. Its advanced 2.4GHz wireless connection, for example, makes it possible for the users to access their laptop or desktop PC even from a distant away. Just for information, a distance of 33 feet is not a problem at all for the device.

With that being said, users won’t have to worry about messy cables around their living room. All that it takes to make the K400 wireless touch keyboard work is simply a Logitech receiver. It’s a great thing that the receiver is universal so that users can use the very same receiver for other Logitech wireless devices as well. There won’t likely be any hassles, either, while the users are trying to connect the K400 keyboard to their PC since it is a simple plug-and-play device.

For the sake of users’ convenience, Logitech has put great efforts into building the keyboard with comfort in mind. In addition to that, the keys are not quite likely to make any noticeable sounds, leaving the users in peace while using it even at midnight.

Yet, to ensure users’ security is not compromised, the Swiss-based manufacturer has made sure more than once that the K400 encrypts all data it transfers to the unifying receiver. For this purpose, the 128-bit AES encryption method, which is known to be pretty safe, is utilized.

Also, just in case the K400 wireless touch keyboard is used in a room where there are insufficient lightings, the company has made sure that the keys are easy to read. That way, users will still be able to use the device. To give users an even better experience, the keyboard has been well equipped with multimedia hot keys. That said, playing media files on PC won’t require the users to stand up and grab their mouse to access the multimedia menus.

According to what the manufacturer claims, it is possible to use the K400 keyboard up to 1 full year. However, when users are not in need of using it, they can turn it off completely by using the switch provided. And, in case there are not enough spaces around, the K400 keyboard can be stored vertically so that it won’t take up too many spaces.


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