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The term ‘Google friendly website’ is very dynamic in nature, and ever evolving. There was a time when Google friendly website meant, a website, which Google could scrap and rank in its search engine. However, now a Google friendly website is one that ranks high in Google results and does not lose its ranking suddenly.

The phenomena of Google friendly website has been under debate among the internet marketing services providers for a long time. There is no general rule or criteria of achieving so, because Google does not leak the information of its algorithm. The lines below give a few of the ways in which you can understand a Google friendly website and with the application of these concepts your website can become one also.

1. Useful:

The first and primary thing that is going to differentiate your website, and make it Google friendly is the level of its usefulness. No matter whichever hidden strategies you adopt, or do legal link building by availing link building services, but when your website goes under manual review, if your website is not useful, it will simply not retain its ranking and fall. Therefore, try to make your website useful.

2. Commercial Intent:

While ranking a website Google also considers the commercial intent of the website. If you are a real website, and not a website that merely serves as a doorway and sends visitors to another website, then your website is in the friendly circle of Google. Therefore, have a clear commercial intent that is genuine.

3. Originality:

The websites that are going to face the wrath of Google are the ones that publish an already published content on their website. Therefore, to be Google friendly you must try to publish unique content, or at least try not to publish content that could be found somewhere else.

4. Google+:

With XML and RSS information, Google knows the content you publish on your website. Therefore, to make your website Google friendly, you can use the Google+ to disseminate your content, and make it more worthy in eyes of Google.

5. Understanding Competitors:

To understand the competitors, you need to weigh them on following grounds, and then adopt a strategy.

  • They are more popular and relevant than you
  • They are more relevant and well reputed than you
  • They are more good in backlinks manipulation
  • The factor of spamming

The level of Google’s friendliness and non-friendliness depends greatly upon these factors.

6. Keywords Relevancy:

Another trait of Google friendly websites is that they have relevant keywords in their URLs, Domain names, Title, and have a certain keyword density in the text of the pages.


In short, if you want your website to be Google friendly and achieve higher ranking, then the above mentioned are the tips that are going to help you in becoming so.


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