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The Samsung Series 3 laptop is among the laptops that can be carried around most easily. The price of this laptop is absolutely according to the performance that it delivers making it worthy $750. It is one of the easiest laptops to be used in your daily routine. This laptop became the first ever Google Chromebook to be made available for sale. The weight of this laptop is just 3 pounds and so it is one of the most favorite laptops of those who have to carry with them all the time. The screen of this laptop is 12.6 inches in size. So it is always easy to carry it in a bag without getting tired. The laptop has been quipped with the processor Core i5-2410M and is 2.3GHz. The RAM available in this laptop is 4GB and the hard drive provided in it is 500GB having 5400-rpm.

The price range in which this laptop comes is among those that are not expensive. There have been many issues found in the laptops with this price range. However this is a nice effort made by Samsung and has become a popular product. The overall design of this laptop is also impressive making it an impressive and attractive. The keypad has been provided with a touchpad that has a normal size. If you use this touchpad, you would find it easy to use. However the buttons are not much impressive. The buttons are contained in a single bar and you would need to press on the right side of the bar for right click and left side for the left click. This is often irritating as many times the middle of the bar is being pressed and this would give no response. On the other hand, the keyboard of the laptop is spacious enough and easy to use. So, if you have a lot of typing work, this would be a nice option for you. However the traveling gap between the keys is less and so you may take a little time to settle down on these keys. There are different slots and ports in this laptop for the USBs to be connected and internet to be used. However these are designed so that these could easily be adjusted in a laptop of small size. This is to keep the weight of the laptop less. If the user wants to play some heavy games on this laptop, it would not be supported much by the graphics. However the videos can be played very well on it.

Secure your laptop inside a 17inch laptop bag. Overall, this laptop does not make the performance Samsung Series 9 make. This is the most suitable laptop for the ones who are looking it to carry around easily and want a laptop that a bit cheaper. But still, this laptop is much better than the ones available in the market in the same price range. So this Samsung Series 3 is a popular product among many users who wish to have an average laptop for normal usage.


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