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If you’re the proud owner of a Galaxy S4, then you’d surely like to make the most of it and why not given the fact that it’s such a brilliant phone after all. Now one of the major aspects involved when it comes to making the most of your Samsung Galaxy S4 is to know how exactly you can use it with your computer. Now this also includes the fact that you should know how best to use it along with your computer. Then again there’s the concern that you should know how to connect it to your computer. In case you’re still not aware of connecting your Galaxy S4 to your computer, then this article is definitely for you.

Make The Most Of Your Galaxy S4 By Connecting It To Your Computer

Connecting your Galaxy S4 to your Computer

Understand that first of all you’d require a USB cable without which nothing would really be possible. This is obviously included with the phone so you needn’t really get it separately. Now check out the following instructions and connect your Galaxy to your computer. In case you’re still scared about any damage that might come to be, then there’s always S4 insurance brand to help you through.

  • First it’s about the Plug In:

All you got to do is plug the large end of the micro USB cable into your computer first. This leaves out the small end which is to be fixed to your Galaxy S4 phone. Now don’t make the mistake of hurrying into things as soon as you’ve got these 2 ends fixed. Give your computer the necessary time to identify your S4. It needs to recognize the phone, failing which you can’t really move forward.

  • Next it’s Power Time:

After that you must take care to actually press on the “Power” button. You should be able to find this at the top right side your S4 screen. Though this might appear briefly, make sure of the fact that you get it right. You’d perhaps be required to unlock the screen with the necessary drag motions.

  • Now its Drag and Touch:

Once again you’d have to drag and this time it should be the notification pane. You could easily do this by touching the top of your screen. After that, of course, you’d have to drag your finger to the bottom. You should then have to press the relevant button to get your S4’s microSD card. This’ll appear on your computer like an external drive essentially.

  • It’s Time to Click:

Next you’d be required to click on the “Start” button on your computer. After that from the options you’d have to choose “Computer”. Make sure that you double click on the drive icon that actually corresponds to your Galaxy S4 phone. By doing this you’d actually be able to open a folder. This folder would essentially show you all the contents of your microSD card. After that it gets easy for you can the copy files like usual, both to and from your computer. After you’re done, you’d again be required to click on the USB device icon on your computer and eject it.

  • Finally you Unlock:

Finally you’d be required to unlock your phone and drag down the notification area. Be sure to disconnect the USB device from your phone too.

All it takes is for you to follow the 5 simple steps discussed above and you’d be all equipped to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5 or S4 along with your computer. Protect Your Bubble is also there to help you in case you’ve got any apprehensions regarding the safety of your phone.


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