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The Microsoft is a company that thrives on developing software for our use. They bring out improved visions of different software every year. This year, they have also brought about a new look in the Microsoft Office application.

Microsoft Office With Windows

Usually the Microsoft Corporation presents the different versions of Microsoft office application with the new operating system. This has been done in all of the previous six versions of windows. According to the tradition the windows eight also have an office application with it. It has a slick look like the Windows 8 and very efficient service giver. However, it’s been announced that the Microsoft is going to be the “device services company” and not the software company that we know of. According to the new system you have to purchase a specific twenty five letter key. Then you will have to enter it in your PC that is connected to the web. Then the application in your PC will be activated. This is a full proof system. Although it has reduced the chance of piracy to nearly zero, it does not bear well with the DVD loving customers.


Use Web Based Free Office Application

It is kind of a relief that not in all cases you would need to sue the paid service. Most of the people that use it from their home will not have to pay any money. Another thing is that you can use the online service to work too. It is easy if you have a Hotmail account they can easily access Microsoft’s online service. The service is not much compared to the real application. But it offers more than the Google.

Office 365 Online Service

Microsoft has a paid service that allows the users to use the services of the office application online. Microsoft provides own server for the bigger ventures. This can be used for the home too. This service would be for five people. It gives the advantage to five people working in different places to share the same workspaces. The yearly fee is $99.99 for this service. It is a good deal considering you have to pay only $1.55/$2 per week.

If you want, you can use other versions of the office. Some people still feel comfortable using their old office application. Like, I like to use Microsoft office edition 2003. Normally versions do not matter. Mostly it is your skill and knowledge of the version that get the job done.

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