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Android is a wonderful device and the operating system making company. They are creating very much computer like operating system. They improve their systems once a while so there is not much difficulty to get a super service by the androids it is compatible to almost all sorts of devices. Also it can share with everyone. The iOS has some restrictions about who can see your files and which people you can share your file with. But thanks to the android operating system, you can share with anyone. Let us talk about the new Android 4.0 that is also known as the ice cream sandwich.

Beautiful Interface

The Android 4.0 has a seamless interface that seems to understand your every need. Your works will be easier to do and the moves you make will be more visible. It will make your movements easier and you will be aware of every movement of your phone first hand. That means you do not have to wait to know what happened to your device. The android 4.0 is designed to make you to do thru works perfectly. So there will not be any confusion.

Easy App Access

The android has several apps installed on your device. However if you think that these are not enough, then you could choose one from the thousands of apps in the app store. Not only that. Your application access will be greater. The access and navigations of the apps five become greater. Now you can play games with more ease and more. You will have more control in the gaming department. Nevertheless, the gaming experience will massively improve because you are going to enjoy it. There are more shortcuts and folders accessible from the homepage and it is very good to have all the things get accessed easily.


You can also add many more apps and widgets by this operating system. The screen is very much customizable. You can be more creative with the screen shortcuts. The widgets are more interactive and the widgets are more agile and powerful. Do not worry. If you are already an Android user then you can easily get the hang of your new device.

The android 4.0 ice-cream sandwiche are one of a kind operating system that will work only on android approved system. You can also you can also install the upgrade if you are using a lower version.

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