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Mobile Website: Why Have One and How To Create It Hassle Free

If your business or career relies on connecting with an internet audience, then having a mobile version of your website is a must.  Unfortunately, regular websites don’t always work properly on mobile devices because they are designed for viewing on larger screens.

Traditionally, people accessed the internet from their desktop at home to do their online shopping, web surfing and sending emails.  However, things have changed quickly in recent years.  70 per cent people in the UK now carry a smartphone, which has meant that accessing the internet on the go has become much easier.  Although users were previously wary of high data costs, the emergence of cheap mobile broadband packages is transforming their internet habits.

For example, users can order a free SIM card from the MobiData website which comes with 100MB of complementary data with no obligation.  They also offer cheap deals and run special offers like doubling up your data allowance for free, to reward those who sign up for 3 months.

Clearly, using your phone to go online is no longer expensive.  So how do you create a good mobile website that will enable your customers to connect with you whilst on the go?

Mobile Website: Why Have One and How To Create It Hassle Free

Creating a Mobile Website using Site Builders

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an IT expert as you can create a mobile version of your site using a mobile site builder.  Those on top of their game include Mobify, Mofuse, Wirenote and MobilePress (a plugin for those on the WordPress platform), just to name a few.  They are easy to use and guide you through the process with simple step-by-step instructions.

Which site builder you choose would depend on your budget and the features you require, but a few things to bear in mind include:

  • How well will the mobile site integrate with your existing website?
  • How will the presentation and layout of your website be adjusted on smartphones and tablets?
  • What are the ways in which the site builder will ensure quick loading times?  For example, do they use responsive image optimisation or predictive loading?
  • Will you be provided with customer experience metrics, so you can always be sure of how your mobile site is performing?

What is an Effective Mobile Website?

A good mobile website is simply a scaled down version of your existing website, so it may need only the bare essentials.  It should be easy to understand and navigate on a small screen.  Menu options should be spaced out to avoid them being accidentally triggered, and you should consider using larger fonts to improve readability.

Your mobile site should load quickly, which may require you to cut down the number of images you include and their dimensions.  Of course, it needs to look good as well; and try to avoid annoying your customers with too much advertising.

Invest the time to make a good mobile website and your customers will be able to connect with you seamlessly wherever they are.


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