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Flipkart, the biggest India based online retail store is planning to revamp its existing IT infrastructure by building a private cloud server with Dell. The company will reportedly invest a whopping $10 million to suffice itself with the server up gradation and this will probably be one of the largest deals for server in India. Although both Flipkart and Dell refrained themselves from commenting on the latest proceedings, reliable sources have confirmed that the advancements and the latest technological complaints that the company had to face in its last Big Billion Sale and Xiaomi Mi3 Flash Sale can justify the company’s move towards the development.

The company felt the first hunch in its lack of infrastructure during the Big Billion Sale, when the company failed to cope with the huge traffic inflow that rendered the website inactive and unbelievably slow at times. Other than that, customers also observed various technical errors and abrupt change in price during the shopping, which was a huge setback for the company and its loyal customers. Buyers complained that while they experienced sudden price changes after placing their orders, they also sometimes faced worse errors, like cancellation of order after payment. While the Big Billion Sale proved to be a huge hit for the company, its failure to serve the customers properly and adequately, made the company realize its losses and the company finally went in for a public apology, other than deciding to upgrade its server backup.

The company felt that they had adequate server backup to deal with the huge traffic surge during the first sale. They had claimed that they are ready to handle 20 times the usual traffic load during the Big Billion Sale. However, their calculations failed miserably, as the number of buyers exceeded their estimation, with over 15 lakh customers trying to access the website during the sale. Flipkart has reportedly already gone in for a server upgradation in 2014. Rumors in some tech news portals suggest that it is planning for a second revamp in 2015.

While Flipkart may be striking the toughest competition for the retail giant Amazon, it is yet to become reliable and self-sufficient in terms of technology and IT infrastructure backup. Since Indian online retailing is becoming a huge hit among shoppers and more and more shoppers are opting for online shopping on a regular basis, the company is opting for the development. After all, who would not want to tweak a thriving market like India and see a splurge in its sales parameters?


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