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Protect Your Smartphone With The Right Cover or Case

Did you own a Nokia five year back? You could throw it at someone and nothing would happen to the phone! That’s not the case with your smartphone today. Not only is your phone much more fragile, it also stores a lot of things that you could not bear to lose…from contact details to photographs and from whatsapp messages and music. Therefore, it is a good decision to check out mobile covers online for protection as well as making a fashion statement.

Choosing the Right Cover or Case

Material: You can choose a silicon case or a metal one, since these are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and styles. They are economical and provide basic protection. They are lightweight and easy to carry. You could choose a leather case or even one made of synthetic leather for a more sophisticated look. While these are lightweight as well, and may make your phone a little more water resistant.

Power Bank: If you’re using 3G, and especially Google Maps, your battery will drain out faster than you can spell Jack Robinson! Being stranded with a completely discharged phone can be quite a nightmare. To avoid the stress of that happening, you can get a power bank that has a large capacity, maybe of more than 20,000 mAh. It’s not an expensive investment, being less than 1,000 bucks. Moreover, you can use it for your tablet and digital camera as well.

Flip Case: These look classy, and provide protection to your phone as well as its screen. So, you can think of these as providing all-round protection. You can choose a cover that folds behind your phone and acts as a stand. This is especially useful if you watch movies or YouTube videos for extended hours on your phone. These are available in a variety of colours and textures. So, when you choose mobile covers online, do check out these folio cases.

Rugged Cover: Although these appear a little bulky and are not really lightweight, they provide protection in case of falls. They have reinforced corners, which reduces the risk of damage. They have anti-slide quality, avoiding slippages, while also providing some protection against water.

Apart from choosing mobile covers online, you could get a tempered glass film for your touchscreen.


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