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New Giphy Messenger from Facebook

            This is Giphy messenger has become the hot topic everywhere ever since, it is integrated with Facebook messenger. Previously Giphy is a Database of GIF images and it acts as browser to search for the GIF images in internet. Earlier it was only for the internet users to share the funny GIF animation according to the situations. The Giphy has a large collection of related various categories of GIF images. These images also have the unique internal hash tags associates with them. The internet user can search the for any GIF images using the searching keyword. The supplied keyword used by the Giphy to provide the GIF images of search keyword, these GIF images can be shared to all your social networking sites.

New Giphy Messenger from Facebook

            The reason for the Giphy becoming a major topic in internet teen users now the application has been integrated with Facebook platform to share the GIF animations. In 2013 the Giphy announced the solution for integrating the service into Facebook later on land on the Twitter also. It was premier application for the mobile platforms in its initial stages entering into the mobile application world. Even though the application was premiered one, people loved to purchase it because of the large collection, GIF images, which synchronizes with situation to make fun or to express anything via an animated GIF.

New Giphy Messenger from Facebook1

            Recently the Giphy launched a messenger for sending the gif via messenger to any social networks. The messenger called Giphy +, which was integrated with Facebook messenger. This application integration is one of the Facebook messenger expansion plans, more to become into the Facebook messenger services. Yet this service has to completely launch to all users, under testing purpose the Facebook integrated the icon link to download Giphy+ in its messenger application. This let the most of Facebook users to download this amazing fun application.

New Giphy Messenger from Facebook3

            This service yet to be available for most of the users of Facebook, the UI of the application brings classy application look in mind. Opening the application gives you access to the large collection of GIF images popping up in the messenger. The home page of the application will be very busy in showing the latest GIF images playing; you can search for the desired image right from the application. You will become busy with messenger with its endless collection of gif, which are very easy to share to Facebook chat, Facebook wall, twitter wall and other social networks with its inbuilt hash tag service. This application requires a standard speed of internet connectivity to access its own database and internet to bring the gif images, as the images are large in collection the network must be in strength.


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