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Registered virtual office services aim to provide companies with a professional and appealing appearance. Having a registered address is not only a practical necessity in terms of receiving post but it is also an essential factor when it comes to emanating a professional company image.

Here are the ins and outs of this unique service and a detailed explanation of exactly what it offers.

How does it Work?

Providing customers with a virtual address, this excellent online service ultimately supplies companies with a location for their business. Instead of registering their physical work address, they can simply create a virtual postal-code, allowing their company to have the appearance of being in one place, when in fact it is running from an alternative destination.

A virtual receptionist can help improve company efficiency.

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The service runs smoothly and simply, supplying customers with two easy options when it comes to collecting their post. Companies can either choose to have their mail directly forwarded to them from their virtual location or they can set up at a physical post-box at this address. Whilst forwarding letters is more convenient for those living overseas, having a physical post-box will allow businesses to collect their mail the instant it arrives and is thus a much quicker option.

Why Have a Virtual Office Location?

The most popular reason for having a registered virtual office is that enables businesses to maintain privacy.  Large, busy companies which are constantly bombarded with post can divert mail elsewhere, allowing workers to proceed without distractions. Without the interference of post in the workplace, employees will be able to complete tasks to a higher and more professional standard. Perfect for those who need privacy at work, a registered virtual office will prevent the public from being a distraction during business hours.

Another advantage of this superb service is that it enables companies to create their desired image. Businesses can use an address in the area where the majority of their clientèle are located, enabling them to grow in both appeal and status. For instance, having a virtual address in an affluent area is ideal for those selling luxury products. Likewise organisations selling items specific to a destination, such as Yorkshire puddings or Welsh shortbread, will find having a virtual address in that area is essentially a must.

It is not just large companies who will benefit from having a registered virtual office; there are also many great advantages for small home-based businesses too. New companies working from home will find having a virtual address will instantly make them appear more professional. Brilliant for those who want to have the appearance of a well-established, popular enterprise, having a virtual office is bound to draw in clients and get business booming.

A virtual phone line means you won’t miss potential important business calls.

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Those living overseas will also greatly benefit from this type of service. Having an official UK address is essential for those wanting to set up an organisation in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales and they are available from companies like TheWorkstation.co.uk/. Providing a virtual, British address to send documentation, will make the process easy and hassle free for those living abroad and will save companies all-important money as a physical presence will not be required.


This great service aims to help organisations increase their success rates and grow in profits. From helping to maintain privacy to drawing in the desired clientèle, having a registered virtual office comes with many benefits. A simple service to comprehend, it is the ideal solution for just about any company, anywhere.

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