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By now, everyone is familiar with the voice calling feature that WhatsApp has come up with. However, in the beginning, it had been prepared for only the people having Android smartphones. The people with iOS, Blackberry, and Windows had to wait.

However, the wait for iOS users had  ended few days back. WhatsApp finally came up with the calling feature for iOS users as well.

The iPhone users finally got the feature for voice calls on WhatsApp as well.

Apple iTunes store has stated that people having the version 2.12.1 for WhatsApp has got voice calling to them. The voice call is to let you call for free throughout, friends, family and everybody else. Even those who are in the different country all together, calls are for free. Free as in, the call consumes your internet balance, and not the phone balance. However, data charges might be applicable while such calls are made. Gradually and steadily, WhatsApp began to roll out for all the devices.

It wasnt immediately that the voice calls began, a matter of time it is. The final roll out might take weeks until the call feature is finally applicable.

This update has also put to use iOS 8’s Extensions. This meant that with the update, photos and videos, and links can we directly shared in WhatsApp from the various photo apps and Camera in iOS.

Contacts are possible to edit from within the app, directly that is. Another additional feature is to crop and rotate photos as you send them on WhatsApp, and also send more than just one video. Along with these, the videos can be given a title before they are sent.

With the announcement of WhatsApp having a total of 800 million users, WhatsApp got this update.

Koum had announced this news on facebook. Of course, partners they are now after all! *winks* Also, he had made it clear that there’s a difference between the users that are registers and those which are active.

This news was indeed a building block to their future. After January’s 700 million users, within 4 months the figure changed to a 100 million plus. Also, the clarity about active users is surely a need. WhatsApp is the second in its league, after its upper power, Facebook which has 1 billion plus monthly active users.

WhatsApp has always remained ahead of its other allies. Other apps such as WeChat which has around 500 million users, as stated in March 2015. In china, WeChat continues to be the most popular app, since WhatsApp is yet to be available in there.

With voice calling, and with so much it keeps coming up with, WhatsApp has risen way above being just a messaging application. Over the years, WhatsApp has greatly evolved in every aspect. In terms of design, features, and the entire outlook, WhatsApp has been developing ever since. The voice calls, the revamps, and everything that has followed, WhatsApp has been growing for better! The people trend is growing more and more for the Whatsapp Status and it will get on hikes when the new interface will arrive in Galaxy Note 5, S7 or coming smatphones.

So until there’s next set of changes, Lets wait to see what else will the company bring for us in the days to come!


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