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Number Of Younger Cybercriminals On The Rise

Cybercrime is a type of criminal activity that has become increasingly prevalent over recent years. This is a type of crime that is committed by people of all ages and can also claim victims of all ages, from youngsters and teens through to adults and vulnerable seniors.

It has been claimed recently that not only cybercrime in general on the rise, but also that the number of younger cybercriminals appears to be on the increase. Officials have said that younger cybercriminals are committing their crimes in a number of ways, from online harassment and bullying through to revenge crimes, extorting money, and even by way of online pranks.

Number Of Younger Cybercriminals On The Rise

A number of factors are thought to have contributed to the rising number of younger people committing a variety of cybercriminal acts. This includes factors such as the rising number of younger people with internet enabled devices, the rising popularity of social networking sites, and the ease with which this type of crime can be carried out online.

A report that was released last year by PricewaterhouseCooper indicated that youth cybercrime levels had by far surpassed the level of general crime committed by younger people. The report suggested that cybercrimes committed by younger people accounted for close to 40 percent of economic crime incidents compared to 16 percent for other sectors.

Educating Children to Reduce Cybercrime

Officials have highlighted the increasing importance of education for children who spend a lot of time online via various internet enabled devices. Parents are encouraged and urged to spend time talking through the dos and don’ts of the internet with their younger children, as this could help to reduce the risk of then becoming victims of cybercrime as well as reducing the risk of them actually carrying out this type of criminal activity.

In many cases, the cybercrimes carried out by younger people can cause a huge amount of distress for the victims. The impact that these crimes have are often emotional effects that in some cases have led to tragedies such as the suicide of those who have been targeted. This has become a particular problem over recent years, with social networking sites making it far easier for kids to bully others.

Officials also want teachers and other authority figures to be involved in providing children with increased education and awareness when it comes to what they can and cannot do online. One industry expert said that the internet has become a huge presence in the lives of most children, yet most did not have the opportunity to learn what was right and wrong when it came to online etiquette.


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