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As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and nothing may be more true when it comes to social marketing campaigns. Considering the wall on Facebook, for example, is such a rapidly changing, visual medium from minute to minute, unique and thought-provoking images are absolutely key to make users stop, take a breath and really absorb what is going on. It’s more or less the same strategy sharp advertisers have been using in magazine advertising wells or on television commercial breaks — come up with an attractive, timely or thought-provoking image that gets people’s attention. Once this occurs, a brand has suddenly been granted a chance to sell their message, service or product. What exactly that image may be is up to marketing and advertising experts, a multi-billion dollar industry that pumps out creative theories and campaigns based upon what will and won’t sell. Some of these theories are right and some of these theories are wrong, as public interest is ever changing — one of the main reasons the marketing and advertising industries will always be lucrative.

In the fast-paced world of social media campaigns, what seems to work the best are social campaigns with smart pictures that either touch on a universal or very timely theme. Not only will people stop to look at a picture as they are scrolling through their respective social networks, but a simple message that reflects something they were recently talking or thinking about will help them make an emotional connection to the brand. This, in essence, is what great marketing is all about. The titans of social media have seen this through their own data as well. As Facebook was seeing most of its engagement take place through photos uploaded, liked and commented upon by its users, the social media giant bought Instagram for one billion dollars. Other sites that are currently the buzz of the social media world use pictures and allow users to buy items by clicking on the pictures themselves, as is the case with The Fancy or Pinterest. In a way, social media is becoming a sort of Marketing 101 for everyone who uses it and wants people to pay attention to their products, services or accomplishments.

Companies who rely on social marketing campaigns to keep their businesses going should know adding images of some kind will make a major difference. We all know smart, funny or attractive pictures will get people’s attention, but this is easier said than done. What is that image that represents your brand, product or service? It will take creativity on the marketing and advertising front, as well as an understanding of both your audience and the product or service you are offering, to really find the perfect picture to sell your product through your social campaign. Companies like ExactTarget specialize in connecting brands with consumers via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. While traditional advertising and marketing companies spread their focus to all the other types of media, social media marketing companies focus on this niche world, which literally charts what everyone is talking about.

As consumerism via social media picks up, some might choose to amend a well-known adage: a picture may is worth a thousand words… but even more money.


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