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5 Fancy Up-and-Coming Car Features To Look For In The Year 2014

The new year brings some exciting new features to the automobile market. Automakers are enticing consumers with a dose of innovation in order to stay ahead of curve. While Mercedes-Benz gives its yearly upgrades to comfort and convenience, other automakers look to add versatility, safety, and economy upgrades.

Automatic Lane Keeping Helps You Stay on Track

The Mercedes-Benz S-class has always been on the bleeding edge when it comes to auto amenities. This year the S-class boasts many new features, most notable however, is an auto lane keeping system for freeway driving. This lane keeping system uses sensors that detect the edges of the freeway lane and automatically compensate steering to keep the vehicle perfectly centered within.

Power Savers

With fuel economy always a concern, Mazda has introduced “I-ELOOP,” into its Mazda 6 sedan. The system recovers kinetic energy from braking and uses it to assist in powering the headlights and other electrical components. The system acts as a “Power Recycling Program,” that should have economy conscious consumers excited.

5 Fancy Up-and-Coming Car Features To Look For In The Year 2014

Eyesight from Subaru

Add another line to the Subaru Outback parts list. This year the wagon will be available with “EyeSight,” an adaptive cruise control system with integrated brake assist. The brake assist system can detect nearby pedestrians and cyclists and inform the driver when they are in the vehicle’s path. Additionally, the adaptive cruise control keeps the vehicle consistently flowing with traffic by measuring the distance to the vehicle ahead.

Built-In Vacuum

New to the Honda Odyssey minivan line is the Honda-Vac. A built in vacuum system that is integrated into the rear cargo compartment of the van, this system features a removable waste canister, filter, and accessory attachments, all while reaching every square inch of the interior. This convenient vacuum may see its way into more models in the future.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Another safety improvement this year, KIA’s new Cadenza model incorporates what it calls “Hydrophobic Windows.” The side windows of the sedan are specially treated to shed water in order to preserve visibility in a rainstorm. Water melts away from the windows giving occupants enhanced perception that is usually grim when the weather gets wet.

Every year seems to bring a new set of features to the ever changing automobile market. While some eventually get pushed to the side as novelties, others become fully integrated into the most basic of models. There is always room for more innovation and time will tell as to what will become of this year’s hot new features.


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