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An In-Depth Review Of Bejeweled 3

The newest game in the Bejeweled series is Bejeweled 3 and it is lots of fun. It features a variety of different play modes for different types of players as well as interesting badges and rewards for a significant investment of time and effort. This version also compiles a variety of player statistics such as total time spent, high scores, most frequent gem color selected, and the total number of specialty gems (flame gems, supernova gems, etc.) that have been used. For those unfamiliar with the Bejeweled series the game provides simple instructions as well as vibrant interactive menus and level transitions. It is a beautifully crafted game that is easy to spend hours playing without noticing.

An In-Depth Review Of Bejeweled 3

Play Modes

This game features classic Bejeweled, an untimed match-3 game where the goal is simply to play until you run out of moves, Zen mode, an untimed infinite match-3 game entirely for relaxation with calming music and breathing effects, Lightning mode, where time gems are matched so that you can play more rounds, and Quest mode, where a variety of mini-games are explained and you can play them to unlock new and toughed mini-games. There is a badge just for completing Quest mode. There are also four secret games that are unlocked by reaching a certain score in all of the main games. These are Butterflies, where the goal is to eliminate butterfly shaped gems before they reach the top, Ice Storm, where the goal is to make matches in specific columns to keep them from freezing over, Diamond Mine, where making matches breaks chunks of rock and dirt so that gold and relics are acquired within a time frame that recharges each round, and Poker, where the gems you match become your hand and you have to try for the right card combinations. All of these modes are very direct and all kinds of fun.


Awards are doled out that range from high scores to gem creations. They include combinations of specialty gems that are more inventive than the average player. There are certain specialty gems that are created by matching larger numbers of gems. If you create and use enough of them you receive a badge. The badges provide bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels to achieve. There are also Elite badges for achievements that require a more than usual level of dedication. The game also awards you with a status in gem curating that increases as you play. Overall these features make play more engaging because there is always a new level to strive for. Whether you start playing online or not, it keeps increasing the challenge so that the game stays at your level of skill. When you start out it is fairly easy, but by the time you have a few badges it actually becomes a challenging task to keep making matches.

Hours of Fun

This game was definitely worth the investment of time and money that it took to play. It was entertaining and engaging as well as visually gorgeous and inventive. There are infinite level generations and ways to play so you won’t get bored. I’d give it five stars for effort and quality.


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