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If you have been celebrating Valentine’s Day alone or in a conventional way, this year you will celebrate it socially. Nowadays, people are taking advantage of what social media can offer to build special relationships. So, how does Valentine’s Day and Social Media landed on the same page? Well, both are about relationships and there are a lot of reasons why they are now on the same page.

Valentine’s Day is about giving some attention to relationships and creating a strong bond. On the other hand, Social Media is all about creating new relationships on what you are passionate about. If you are passionate about Questions, there is a site named Quora that is perfect for you. If you are passionate about shopping, you may find new relationships by visiting sites like Blippy and ShopSocially.


Here are some ways on how to use Social Media on Valentine’s Day:

1. If you are undecided on what to do on this special day, sign on to your Facebook account and create a poll question. Alternatively, you can also ask a question on Quora.
2. If you don’t have an idea on what present to buy for your special someone, try finding one at Esty or ShopSocially.
3. If you want a travel date, just visit Yelp or Gogobot.
4. For a list of great discounts, visit Groupon.

With regard to presents, here are some unique and fun ideas for your special someone:

1. One suggestion is to create a customized Facebook ad that can only be seen by one user. Make it extra special and include the best message that you can think of.
2. Create a video singing your favorite cover song and upload it on Youtube. If possible, sing the song that you want to dedicate to the special person. This is considered very romantic because of the fact that you are confessing to the whole world about your feelings.
3. Set up your Twitter account in a way that it will send an hourly message about your love to this person. There is an option for this setting and you may set it in advance.

In the past, celebrating Valentine’s Day alone is a sign of being anti social and introvert. Nobody would want to be left alone, while everyone else is enjoying dinner in a fancy restaurant. With the technology that we now have, everything can become interactive and fun. With the help of the internet, you can never be alone on Valentine’s Day.

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