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Energy is a natural resource, which simply means that it’s prone to depletion. But do we want that to happen any day soon? Perhaps not! After all, our entire world thrives on energy. And when we talk of simpler things back home, we depend on it right from our water heaters in the morning to our room heaters and air conditioners during the day and night.

This explains why energy costs are on an unimaginable rise, clearly, because there’s disequilibrium in the demand-supply chain here. Perhaps we can lend a supporting hand here. How about we save energy, utilize it more efficiently and in turn save some valuable currency in paying exorbitant energy bills? Sounds good? So let’s begin with this simple power efficiency guide.

Top Tips on Saving Energy and Lowering Costs

Nothing major, just some simple but conscious efforts on your part:

  • Seal up your doors and windows. You may not realize it but often they’re the top culprits in the game. Any door or window in the house left unsealed or not closed tightly will immediately show up in your heating bill.

Make efforts to reduce heat leakage as far as possible. You could opt for insulating window treatments to fix the problem if any. In case your budget allows for some home improvements, investing in energy-efficient doors and windows is always rewarding.

If not, you can even go for a simple, seasonal window seal that prevents heat leakage as well as avoids breeze to enter.

  • Watch your home lighting. It may seem tedious at first to keep checking for unwanted lights left on and to switch them off each time but it’s all for the larger good of your heating bill at the end. You can even set an automatic timer to turn off the lights when there’s nobody in the room or when you exit the house leaving it on accidentally.

Also, energy-efficient bulbs and LED tubes are a great idea and are easily available too. Again, if budget permits, do think about replacing the entire home lighting with efficient ones and the savings on bills would surprise you.

  • Minimize the use of heating and cooling devices. You’d be surprised to know that they eat up a major chunk of your monthly bills. Of course, they may be needed during warm and cold seasons but their use can be reduced to the minimum needed to save up on energy costs and to utilize it more efficiently.

When the weather’s not too warm, for instance, and the heat is bearable, turn off the air conditioner, open the windows and allow fresh cool air to work its magic. However, if the air outside is too hot and you can’t leave the windows open for long, just draw the shades and use oscillating fans.

Similarly, winters may be tough but you can always work out alternatives – wear a warm pair of socks and a thick sweatshirt; keep yourself warm so that you can turn down the heat from the device as much as possible.

  • Save water to the maximum. It helps lower energy consumption substantially and it just involves some simple daily practices for you and your family. Keep the tap turned off when brushing teeth or shaving, spend less time in the shower, and make sure that all faucets are turned off when stepping out of the home. Besides, make sure that the dishwasher is filled to the brim before running it on and also choose cold setting over warm in your washing machine.
  • Shut down your electronic gadgets when not in use. It’s a major step toward electric power batteries. But do you know that these appliances continue to use up some energy even when not in use, simply if left plugged in? If you don’t use a home appliance/gadget very often, unplug and store it aside.


Energy is precious. Let’s save it in time to avoid inconvenience later. Besides, it’s using up a major chunk of our wallet so why not keep our greens safe with us? For more help on this topic, consider browsing through the Power Efficiency Guide review, an E-book available to solve problems resulting from a shortage of electricity.


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