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If you just signed a contract for The Ivy Apartments (or any byu-idaho student housing for that matter), it is important to understand what your responsibilities are as a renter and a student. There are of course campus rules that you need to follow, and apartment-specific rules that you will need to be aware of as well. Each complex is different, but generally speaking, the rules will follow the Honor Code.  The following rules are specific to the Ivy Apartments, so make sure that you check with your housing complex for any additional rules.

Student Housing Rules At BYU-Idaho

Within your apartment, you have the responsibility to avoid watching material that is immoral in any way, and block it from your electronics. That means that you should not rent or buy movies to watch within your apartment that are against the Church’s counsel and guidelines. Avoid websites that are inappropriate or that encourage illegal file sharing. Any visual or written material needs to fall within the guidelines listed in For the Strength of Youth.

Every apartment complex prohibits the use or storage of guns, explosives, or weapons of any kind from being in the apartment whether on or off-campus. Pets are also not allowed in approved housing (unless it is a service animal.) Having these in your apartment are not only against the rules, but they are also not safe. You would want to feel comfortable in your own apartment, so don’t bring these with you so other can feel safe as well.

Every apartment complex that is considered to be byu-idaho student housing follows the Honor Code policy for curfew and visitors. Every night, you need to be inside your apartment by midnight. You can stay out until 1 am on Friday night, but that means you have to be in your apartment by that time, not heading home at that time. Some students feel that this imposes a “bedtime” for college students, when in reality all the curfew says is that you just need to be back at your apartment. If you really want to stay awake all night you can, but quiet hours start at 10 pm and are until 8 in the morning.

If you are visiting the apartment of someone of the opposite gender, or they are visiting you, there needs to be three people already at the apartment and the blinds need to be open. Visiting hours are between 12 pm and curfew in order to give enough time in the morning to everyone to get dressed and ready. You should never go into a bedroom with someone of the opposite gender, but it is ok for them to use the bathroom if they need to.

If you follow these rules, you will be able to say that you follow the honor code and the housing guidelines. Following these rules allow you and those around you to live respectfully and mindful of those around you.



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