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Most appliances are used each day and have significant value, which makes it important to keep them running well. With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid running into issues, which can be costly to repair. If you want to keep your appliances lasting longer, there are a few main tips to follow.

1. Create Ventilation

Many people don’t realize how vital ventilation is to keep appliances operating well to reduce the risk of it breaking down. Freestanding refrigerators and deep freezers need at least two centimeters of extra space behind the appliance and above it. Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent the product from working harder than necessary to operate.

It’s also important to clean the area to prevent dirt, lint, and other types of debris from obstructing the airflow. The same rule applies if you have a furnace, which should last an average of 20 years before it needs to be replaced. Some furnaces can last more than 30 years if they’re maintained well, which makes it important to remove any items that may be blocking the airflow.

You can also maximize the lifespan of the appliance by keeping the temperature the same for at least eight hours before you turn it up or down. Adjusting the thermostat multiple times each day can put excess strain on the parts and will also increase your energy bill.

2. Keep it Clean

Keeping your appliances sparkling clean is one of the secrets to boosting their lifespan over time. Everything from washing machines to dishwashers needs to have dirt and grime removed to ensure they hold up well over time.

Washing machines are prone to developing mildew and mold but can stay clean by washing an empty load on a 60C cycle to ensure all bacteria are washed away. There are also specific washing machine cleaning products to use periodically. Distilled white vinegar is a household product that also works well to remove limescale that has formed in the appliance.

With water heaters, you’ll need to flush it out every one to three years to wash out any mineral build-up that has accumulated. If you’re inexperienced with this task, consider hiring a professional to ensure that it’s performed correctly to avoid potential issues.

When it comes to keeping the fridge operating well, clean the coils to prevent dust from accumulating. A vacuum and brush will be useful for removing any gunk that has formed at the bottom of the appliance to ensure hot air can be released, which will allow the contents to stay cool. An electrician can also inspect the electrical components for an added cost, which can end up saving you more on potential repairs over time.

3. Empty the Filters

Emptying the filters regularly is necessary at least once or twice a year to remove gunk or random items that have accumulated over time. When using the dryer, the filter should be thoroughly cleaned out after every load, which will reduce the risk of a fire or from it breaking down. Cleaning the filter will also allow the appliance to run more efficiently and can prolong the lifespan of the parts.

4. Don’t Overpack the Refrigerator

Due to the efficiency and large capacity of newer refrigerators, many people make the mistake of storing too many food items in the fridge. Not only will the items not be chilled as well, but the appliance can work too hard as it attempts to cool everything throughout the day. Over time, the parts will begin to wear down quickly, and the energy bill may increase. In some cases, the doors can also have difficulty shutting completely, which can allow cold air to escape.

Before you type in “buffet near me” on search engines just because you’re hungry, make it a point to go through the items each week and toss anything that is spoiled or has expired. Using an additional fridge in the garage can also free up extra space. Try to use all of the food before restocking everything at the grocery store.

5. Read the Manual

Without understanding how the appliance operates, functions, and what are the existing electronic parts, it can be easy to make mistakes when using it, which can lead to potential issues. The instructions can also provide tips on how to maintain the product to ensure it lasts long-term. If you tossed the manual out, consider contacting the manufacturer or visiting their website.

Scheduling an annual inspection is also necessary to ensure a professional can take a close look at the parts and the operation of the item every six to 12 months. They’re trained and experienced to identify any potential issues and can diagnose specific problems that may be present. Most technicians can perform the repairs immediately or will offer suggestions on how to improve its operation, which can make it work better and last longer.

Over To You

Keeping your appliances sparkling clean is one of the secrets to boosting their lifespan over time. Everything from washing machines to dishwashers needs to have dirt and grime removed to ensure they hold up well over time. If your appliances aren’t looked after, you may need to sort for a washing machine repairer.


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