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Keeping a good tenant for a long time means less work for the landlord and also leads to a steady income. Constant turnover can lead to more stress, and it’s less cost-effective.

Unfortunately, tenants don’t stay at their current rentals forever. And people break leases all the time or simply move out after the lease period is over.

No matter what happens, it’s always best to prepare for the unexpected.

Here are three quick ways to attract desirable tenants.

Screen your tenants

This might sound obvious, but we know how appealing it can be to fill a vacancy as fast as possible so you don’t lose any money. There are just some things in life you shouldn’t skimp on, and tenant screening is one of them.

A quality tenant screen report will do a credit check, criminal background check, and eviction report, and provide you with other relevant information.

During this process, it’s also important to discern what your ideal tenant as well as know what type of tenant you’re looking for.

Advertise effectively

What would the ideal tenant want? What are they looking for in a rental property?

While advertising can be powerful and persuasive, you don’t want to be misleading. After all, that could lead to a bad match for both parties.

You want to advertise the best parts of your property (which can include the location and walk score) and appeal to the tenant you want to occupy the property. You can even look at other advertisements of properties to see what they’re doing and what stands out to you, and then use that information and strategy in your ads.

You might even advertise yourself. Everyone has a bad landlord story and a bad landlord can lead to a bad experience — no matter how desirable the rental is. This is a great opportunity to put tenants at ease and prove to them that they’re getting a good landlord and rental.

Make sure the outside looks just as beautiful as the inside

If you want to attract desirable tenants, then you need to make sure the outside looks just as beautiful as the inside — and vice versa.

On top of hiring a cleaning company for the inside and making sure everything is fixed, up to code, and working properly, you can search the internet for a lawn service near me and make your lawn pop. Not only can you have your lawn professionally mowed, but you can have your trees and shrubs trimmed, as well as other unique services that will appeal to your tenants, such as mosquito control. The more you can offer your tenant, the better.

The lawn (or outside of the property) is the first thing the tenant is going to see. First impressions, whether we like to admit it or not, are key. If your tenants like what they see right away, then that will keep them in a good frame of mind while thinking positively about the other parts of the rental. Of course, the opposite could ring true if the future tenants pull up to a rundown lawn. The front of the property applies as well, so investing in a fresh coat of paint can help.

You have quick ways to attract desirable tenants, such as reducing the rent dramatically. While that method, or offering a free month of rent, might work and be a better financial option than an empty rental, you have to incorporate strategies that align with your ideal tenant.

It’s up to you to make the property look presentable. Advertising effectively can allow you to reach your target audience. Running a thorough screening will ensure you rent to your ideal tenant (whether you offer a free month of rent or not) because a screening will allow you to mark off all the boxes for your ideal tenant.


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