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Los Angeles is a vibrant city located in California. Whether it be movies, technology, or fashion, this city knows how to excel. People fondly refer to it as the entertainment capital of the world.

While everyone adores LA, anyone who lives there knows it is also expensive. Being employed is a necessity to make ends meet.

There are many employment opportunities in the vibrant market of LA, which is both vast and competitive. Never get discouraged while fishing for a job in the marketplace. Getting employed is no big deal if you know where to look. Here are a few jobs that are always in demand and hence easy to get.

Customer Service Representative

As per, the average salary of a customer service representative in LA, California, is $41,425 with $4,000 in commission.

Customer service representatives act as bridges between businesses and customers. They facilitate consumers by helping them with complaints, providing support in the returns process, and answering queries about the company’s offerings.

Customer service representatives should have strong communication skills, patience, and resolve to serve customers. California has the highest employment level in this occupation with about 207,100 customer representatives as of May 2018. Since the region is becoming a hub for technology, you can expect more and more demand for customer service representatives

Truck Driver

As per, the average salary of a truck driver in LA, California, is $49,848.

Truck drivers play an essential role in distribution and logistics. They transport materials and goods for long distances, which makes it easier for businesses to satisfy their consumers. A truck driver is also able to do basic repair work on vehicles, inspect trucks, and record issues. Anyone aiming to become a truck driver should have a clean medical and driving record.

To get started in this profession, you need to get an updated commercial driver’s license. If you follow traffic laws religiously and want to get employed soon, there are abundant truck driver jobs in Los Angeles CA.

Personal Assistant

As per, the average salary of a personal assistant in LA, California, is $51,461.

The entertainment capital of the world is full of celebrities, influencers, and prominent personalities who may routinely require personal assistants. Even small businesses or military spouses might need the services of a personal assistant.

This profession is unique and may require the fulfillment of a versatile range of responsibilities. A personal assistant may need to answer calls, reply to emails, and even handle other routine tasks like grocery shopping. Once appointed to someone, they could be asked to update spreadsheets, manage schedules, or run errands. Finding a job as a PA is not that difficult if you put your mind to it.

Sales Representative

As mentioned in, the average salary of a sales representative in LA, California, is $54,479 with $11,000 in commissions.

Sales representatives contact potential buyers, provide information about business offerings, and persuade others to make a purchase. This profession is ideal for people who are confident about their communication skills. If you have a high school diploma, you are good to go and will be able to get hired as a sales representative.

With the booming tourism scene of LA, businesses are always looking to hire competent sales representatives. Since sales staff are vital to ensure sales target are met, companies in California employ over 123,260 sales representatives, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you are patient and persuasive, this is the right job for you.


The average salary of a cashier in LA, California is $24,417, as per

A good cashier can effectively process transactions at the cash register. Whether it be scanning items, confirming the item descriptions and quantities or handling the cash, cashiers must fulfill their responsibilities.

Almost every retail business needs to hire someone to handle their cash register. Getting hold of a position as a cashier won’t be too hard in LA. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that California has the highest employment level of cashiers in the US. There are about 420,430 cashiers currently employed there.

Security Guard

According to, the average salary of a security guard in LA, California, is $48,980.

A security guard usually patrols the vicinity of the premises and hence deters suspicious or dangerous activities. Sometimes they even act as a receptionist and screen people before letting them enter. Anyone looking to secure their office or home considers hiring a security guard.

Since LA has several tourist destinations and businesses, there is no shortage of places that require security guards. If you have a clean criminal record and a valid driver’s license, you should consider this profession. The pay is good and may even increase with time. The job requires no degree and can be easy to grab in LA.


Mentioned in the, the average salary of a receptionist in LA, California is $40,776.

The reception is the checkpoint for all visitors to go through before being redirected to any department. After warmly greeting and welcoming guests, a pleasant receptionist informs relevant company personnel about the guest’s arrival. Receptionists need to have a professional outlook, and they must have strong interpersonal and telephone skills. They are essential in implementing security policies and procedures correctly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2018) states that more than 102,590 receptionists and information clerks are employed in the US. Whether it be a real estate office or a gym, there are several places where you can get a job. Every office needs a front-desk receptionist, and LA is no different.

Final Thoughts

Los Angeles is a city full of employment opportunities. The lively business scene is always looking for sales representatives, security guards, and truck drivers. Don’t get impatient or discouraged and keep trying to find a good job. You should follow websites that inform you about relevant job openings. Paying attention to newspaper ads might also be useful.


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