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There millions of users around the world computers users, each day thousands and millions are being added to the number. People are using the computers for different purposes, wide range of operating systems and applications are being installed onto those computers. Each program comes with certain task execution. Many common users store their personal data into their hard drives; access files online, connects to the internet and works on their other business requirements, But doesn’t concentrate on securing the computers. Let us see why we have to consider the point “securing the computer” and “virus protection”!

Prevent Virus Attack

Viruses the little buggies, which play with your computer, these are very popular computer attackers. These programs can do many kinds of threats and damage to your computer. There are thousands of viruses exists in the computer world, each virus has ability to affect the computer system. You may assume not connected to the internet does not harm your computer but it is not, the virus capable of getting copies into multiple memory devices such as pen drives, CD’s and others. When you open these devices by connecting them to your PC, gives a chance to virus programs get copy them into your PC and start doing the damage. When you connected to the internet, there is high possibility of virus attack even if you do not open any malware or virus sourced websites.

Preventing Spyware Attack

Spyware’s are programs which reside in your systems and spy on you, these are so dangerous as they are capable of sending everything you do on your computer to spyware sender. Some spyware is also capable of stealing your personal data from your computer and send it to the attacker. You may store the different kind’s data on your computer such as personal pictures, business details, passwords, bank account information and other classified details. Spyware can scan for them by searching thoroughly on your computer. Spyware programs are mainly focuses stealing confidential data’s such as credit card details, banking details, personal pictures and others.

Identity Theft

This is one higher risk, the attacker can steal your identity data, such your proof of residency, passports, visa and other stuff of identity related info and use them to do certain bad things. It is done by the attacker, but identity used may be yours. In the Cyber world, it is more dangerous, the hackers can use your IP address as they’re and can do cyber crimes. Your identity should be protected both online and in the real world.

Safe Browsing

Each day millions of online users are being infected by many kinds of attacks from online. When you connect to online there 90% chance of getting infected by the programs which exists internet, multiple kinds of virus programs, spyware, adware’s, scripts and worms are ready to get into your computer without your permission. Just one normal click is enough to destroy your whole computer. Some sites intentionally install adware’s and malware into your computers. Websites, URLs also bit dangerous to open, these URL’s may or may not take us to the exact website we are looking for. Some scripts, which creates a bunch of advertisements, pop-ups, on your web page and make you click the links instead or original resource, which may re-direct you to anything.


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