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The internet has dramatically changed the face of trade and business. Businesses can now find vendors and markets for products with relative ease, through a simple process of keyboard strokes. Communication is worldwide and instant. One of the huge benefits the internet has had upon commerce, is through the rise of drop shopping. Drop shipping minimises the risks faced by retailers, by allowing them to sell products, which are then distributed directly from the manufacturer/producer. This method reduces cost, due to the fact large amounts of money does not need to be invested in stock by the retailer. Stock is moved only when it is required, meaning if a product does not sell well, the retailer does not have a backlog of unprofitable assets. However, this process is centred around communication. Relaying the wrong information to the drop shipper can be costly, resulting in incorrect stock and potentially risks alienating loyal customers due to poor service. Smaller start-up businesses may be able to survive without the use of Stock Control Services, however as business expands and more transactions take place, the manual logging of this data becomes laborious and prone to error. The uptake of a Stock Control System is of paramount importance if retailers wish to remain flexible, well organised and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Why use Stock Control Software for Dropshippers?

A good relationship shared between the retailer and the drop shipper is key to success. Data has to be relayed back and forth, with urgency and accuracy. The drop shipper wants to keep the retailer happy. The retailer wants to keep the customer happy. This is the basic supply chain of drop shipping. Any disruptions in this chain can be extremely costly. The basic benefits of using Stock Control Software for drop shipping will briefly be outlined, to help give an idea of why this technology is extremely important for expanding retailers.

1. Stock Control Software Expands with your Business.

Many new businesses start out using their own systems for stock control. This may include a spreadsheet in Excel or any form of simple, manually updated body of information. At first this may be all that is required. However as retailers gain more customers and start to include other lines of produce it can become hard to track orders. This is particularly problematic when dealing with drop shippers, which can result in the incorrect amount of product being ordered on the retailers behalf. Stock Control Software eliminates this problem, automatically logging orders. The stock of the drop shipper can also be seen, meaning if they are out of stock the retailer is aware. This then allows the retailer to source more product from elsewhere, or communicate the fact the item is out of stock, before customers place orders. This means customers are not disgruntled due to poor service and slow delivery.

2. Stock Control Software updates Instantly

Manually having to log and enquire about stock is long-winded, unnecessary process nowadays. The introduction of appropriate software can take care of all of this, and much faster than a manual check could ever hope to happen. The fact the process is carried out via an automated database removes the possibility of human error, guaranteeing accuracy every time. It also removes barriers constructed by drop shippers in other time zones to the retailer. The retailer does not have to wait until up-to-date stock checks are filed in the drop shippers local time. With a few clicks and the information is at their disposal, allowing retailers to create plans and budgets any time of the day, regardless of whether they are in direct contact with the dropshipper.

3. Fast Calculation of Cost and Markup

Stock Control Software offers the most convenient and reliable way to calculate any markup you may place and a dropshipped product. This allows your costs and profits to be clearly displayed, allowing you to highlight which products are selling well (or not so well, as sometimes is the case). Promotions across an entire range of products can be calculated in an instant, with accurate data reported back to the retailer.


There are many benefits of using Stock Control Software from Aidc Solutions in conjunction with dropshippers. Dropshipping is a convenient and cost-effective method of a retailer selling products, but is as only as useful as the communication systems it is based around. The implementation of a software driven supply chain helps to boost the chances of a retailer offering a reliable service to its customers, by removing limitations which would previously have been in place. Extensive information is at the retailers fingertips, which can be deployed however the retailer wishes. Flexibility is at the core of Stock Control Softwares, with many that can be catered to the retailers exact needs and requirements. Stock Control Softwares allow businesses to grow, without compromising on their level of service, a trait which is necessary in the modern trading world. The risk of alienating loyal customers due to poor service caused by dropshipping errors is unnecessary. Especially, when it is considered, that these simple issues can be conveniently alleviated through the use of user-friendly and intuitive stock control solutions.

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