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Electronic mail has become an important part of everybody’s life that is linked to the computer. When you work for some Multi National Company or government services, your manager or colleagues contact you through email. Emails are a source of communication that has become necessary in the corporate as well as day to day life.

Today emails are exchanged between friends, colleagues, students and teachers etc. It helps in transferring information between two or more people. Now that this service has gained so much popularity, so people are expecting much more from it. There are some things that a normal mailing website misses out. When you send an important mail to your friend or office manager and you want to know if the mail has been read by the receiver or not then it’s difficult because general mailing website does not provide this service. One more thing that the mailing websites lack is that it does not show whether the attachment you sent has been viewed and downloaded or not.

Advantages of using Register mail

Most of the people are always excited to know these factors but they are unable to do so. But now with you can solve these problems in a fraction of a second. is a mailing website that allows you to send and receive emails instantly and that also free of cost.  Now you can easily get to know whether the photo that you sent your agent has been downloaded or not. Here are some of the best advantages of using

  • Receive delivery reports of the email you send to your friends, colleagues or relatives.
  • allows you to know whether the link you sent in your mail has been opened or not.
  • It also provides you with instant notification if the photo sent in your mail is downloaded and viewed.

With so many beneficial properties of the website, it surely should be tried by each one of us. There is no such trusted website other than that provides this service.

How it works?

Now when you are aware of so many advantageous feature of, you might be eager to know how it works. Well, it’s very simple and easy to understand. You could easily use all the facilities provided by the website using a simple step while you send a mail:

  • Just add subsequent to the mailing address of the person you want to send the mail. As for instance, if you are sending a mail to [email protected], then use the mailing address as [email protected] to use the facilities provide by this website.

  • Once you send the mail following the above mentioned step, you will have access to all the notification services provided by Register mail. Your mail will be delivered to [email protected].

There’s nothing much to do for using Register mail. You don’t need to register or login to access the features of this service. To avoid spam emails, register mail considers each email as a unique email which could be sent to a maximum of two recipients in a single time. Each email is scanned properly and verified as a trusted email before sending and receiving. Register mail is totally secure and obviously more useful than regular mails.


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