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VoIP solutions for businesses has been an option for some time now, but generally it’s been turned down in favor of traditional phone lines since they were just cheaper and easier to use on a widespread corporate scale. But this is quickly changing with many “Voice over IP” services coming out of the woodwork with cheap and reliable systems on an unprecedented scale. So this is getting some companies to wonder whether it’s time to switch.

VoIP Telecommunications Advantages for Businesses

The traditional approach to business telecommunications is called “PTSN.” This sounds fancy and everything but it’s just the name for the standard phone service that individuals and businesses have been using for quite a long time now. The thing is, VoIP is starting to get significant advantages over traditional telecommunication solutions for businesses. A few examples include the following.

Extra Features

Traditional PSTN solutions tend to offer things like call waiting, multiple lines, party lines and so on only as extras. A good VoIP provider will offer all of these types of features and more for free.


Traditional phonelines often have you pretty much tethered to one place. The problem is that your employees need to move around. They need to go on trips, go from room to room, go on short errands, and so on. Any VoIP provider that relies on Internet service will be more portable.


VoIP systems often have way more compatibility than traditional phonelines. You can use them on a variety of mobile devices in many cases. Traditional PSTN lines make compatibility hard; you really can only use the one type of phone set with the traditional phone hookup. This type of phone has become so out dated to many people that finding use for traditional phone cables has become something of a joke.


When it comes to being able to upgrade systems, traditional phonelines are a pretty poor choice. You’d have to rip up the old lines half the time, or at least install a bunch of new ones.  When it comes to VoIP systems they are much more ready for upgrades. Just download the new software to your phones and you’re ready to go.

Free Stuff

You can’t really call anyone for free on a traditional system. On the other hand, VoIP systems let you make many free calls as long as the calls are going over the Internet. This makes in-house business communications perfectly suited for using VoIP since all of the calls will be completely free. You can still make outside calls if you want at a reduced price, but the free calls are there for you too.

Overall, Business VoIP solutions are ideal for the modern world since they have so much modern integration capability with connecting to computer networks and using email contacts. You can even get video over VoIP for a truly modern feel. The key is to make sure you find the best VoIP deals that focus on quality of lines and service.


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