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For a long time, I resisted using Instagram.  There were a lot of reasons why, but after exploring, I have seen the light! Instagram has tons of potential for marketing your brand and for your personal pleasure.

Here are my top tips for getting the most out of Instagram:

1.Connect your account to Facebook & Twitter

•    Connect to your existing friends
•    Post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, & Foursquare

2.Link between your Website & Instagram.

•    Add an Instagram link on your website & other social media sites
•    Add a link to your website on your Instagram profile

3.Tag, tag, tag!

•    Use appropriate and popular tags to increase exposure
•    Some of the most popular tags are:
#love, #instagood, #me, #tbt, #cute, #photooftheday, #instamood, #iphonesia, #picoftheday, #igers, #girl, #tweegram, #beautiful, #instadaily, #summer, #instagramhub, #follow, #iphoneonly, #igdaily, #bestoftheday

4.Comment, Like, & Follow.

•    People like more than they comment.  Commenting will get you comments back, but more importantly, users are 401% more likely to follow you if you comment rather than simply liking! (But keep liking–it still generates many like-backs & follows.)
•    Like other social media, you need to interact, follow popular profiles, and create connections to succeed.

5.Learn your Timing.

•    Unlike some social media, Instagram doesn’t have universally popular posting times.  Rather, experiment & observe what works best for you!
•    Some good times to post are: Mon. @ 5pm or Wed. & Thurs. @ 3pm

6.Get Personal!

•    Instagram is a time to get intimate, especially for businesses.
•    Photos that aren’t personal or lifestyle centered get 11% less likes.

7.Use Websites to Browse in Full.

•    Instagram is made for smartphone (& tablet) only use.  But squinting at your phone may not be for you.  Fortunately websites like Webstagram, & Statigram are perfect for browsing reviewing photos, checking your stats, & exploring Instagram to its full! I personally love Pinstagram for its great layout & combo with Pinterest.

8.Get the App!

•    There are many great apps to supplement Instagram.  You can get additional filters, frames, expanded photo editing, stamps, figures, & much more!

Instagram is my new go-to addiction!  Will Instagram be the next big thing for you?

Guest post by Annabelle Absar of Family Focus Blog- a parenting blog that reports on family fun, recipes, crafts, eco tips, and giveaways.


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