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In September this year in Berlin, Samsung introduced an unusual Android-smartphone, called Galaxy Note Edge. It curved display for the first time is used not only as a designer, but also as a functional feature. Bending screen forms another plane on which information is displayed. Let’s see how practical and useful is the decision.

Design and Materials

Most modern smartphones hard to realize interesting design ideas. After all, their whole appearance is built around a touch screen, which occupies most of the front panel. Using curved screens – is the ability to move a step away from the usual performance.

This is just clearly seen by the hero Galaxy Note Edge, which was built, based on the model Note 4, but thanks to the curved display visually different from it.

The right side of the front panel is bent to the edge of the body, forming instead of sharp edges smooth curvature of the screen. This creates a recognizable image of the device, which is not yet able to copy. At the same time, it is worth noting that the Note Edge left much of Note 4.

The back of the smartphone is also made of plastic with the texture of the skin, and the ends of the metal. Even where there is a bend of the screen, there is a metal frame that is visibly out of the case to protect the display in case of a fall.

Assembled Galaxy Note Edge is very good, its removable rear cover fits snugly to the body, and the metal frame gives it extra rigidity.

Ease of Use

Model Galaxy Note Edge is slightly wider, but thinner and smaller in height. Dimensions smartphone is 151.3 × 82.4 × 8.3 mm, and weighs 174 grams. At first glance, the increased width had a negative impact on usability, but it is not so. The device fits comfortably in the hand, although it requires getting used to.

Most convenient to your smartphone using your left hand, then resting flat face of the housing in the palm can reach out even to the upper right of the display.

If you take the Note Edge in right hand, there already appears nuance associated with a curved screen to the edge of the body. Since the protective glass has good oleophobic coating, the right edge difficult to focus, to operate the machine with one hand. This does not mean that the use of Note Edge right hand is impossible, but because of the design features is not as easy to do as the left. In general, the size of the body of the smartphone features to ensure that it was used with two hands.

Curved to the right edge of the display housing is not allowed to be placed on the right side of the usual for Samsung keys. And it also left its mark on the ergonomics of the device. For example, the power button of the screen put to the upper end.

Overall, with the same configuration as of Galaxy Note 4 and unique innovative design making Galaxy Note Edge a verdict in the market. But story won’t end here, Samsung is also producing next generation Galaxy S7 smartphone which would be packed with amazing hardware and design too.


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