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Effective Online Employee Time Tracking

The primary foundation of a profitable company is to cut down on expenses while increasing turnover. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, but unfortunately not as simple. One of the toughest departments in any business has to be staff related. Making sure employees get paid the right amount at the right time is only part of the complexities.

Given that salaries form such a big part of expenses, a business has to keep a keen eye on things like employee time tracking, shift details, vacation days, etc. In other words, it costs a lot of money just to have the right monitoring system in place, because one mistake can have big consequences.

This would be a good time to consider an innovative, yet incredibly affordable, way to keep track of employees, while handling payroll responsibilities. This innovative way comes in the form of TimeSheets Plus – Printable Timesheet Templates. It’s a free, easy to use app that takes care of several payroll issues, which ultimately saves business owners valuable time and money.

In order to really understand what TimeSheets Plus can offer a business, here is the breakdown of the main features.

Effective Online Employee Time Tracking

It’s not always possible to know when employees are taking chances by showing up late or leaving early. If the system is outdated then it will be incredibly easy to find a loophole. But not with TimesheetsPlus.

The business owner will be in a position to track employees from any computer, smartphone or tablet. He or she can also be notified instantly whenever these instances occur. Thanks to the instant timesheet reporting, accuracy is guaranteed. Only designated managers will have the ability to alter the timesheets.

Easily Control Schedules

It’s easy to work out weekly or monthly schedules for a small group of employees. But what happens when the workforce increases and the shift scheduling becomes more complex? Once again, the answer lies in TimeSheets Plus. Shifts can be drawn up according to custom settings much quicker than conventional scheduling methods.

In addition to setting up schedules, it allows the user to make necessary changes. For example inserting vacation days for employees ahead of time, or when they need to facilitate their own shift switches.


Then of course, one of the biggest headaches has to be the payroll process. By using this smart app the headache no longer exists. It will keep track of everything an owner wants it to, from overtime and bonuses to basic p/hour wages.

Getting reports for individuals or groups is extremely quick and accuracy remains the priority of the day. Once the start and end dates have been set it will run like a well-oiled machine.

Cutting Loses Has Become That Simple

For every business owner looking to cut back substantially on unnecessary expenses, give TimeSheets Plus a try. You’ll be saving time and money, while having much more control over how punctual employees should be. More importantly, you’ll be avoiding many years of payroll headaches in the process.


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