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Many people these days go for solar solution for their electricity needs as solar energy is considered to be very clean, environment friendly and saves cost on our electricity bills. Solar energy is obtained from the sun, which is used for creating electricity and producing hot water as well.
However, before installing solar panel in your house, you should know few facts about solar energy. Following are the list of few facts about solar energy.

  1. Solar energy is freely available from sun, which is 90 million miles away from our planet. The sunlight takes about 10 minutes to travel to earth from the sun.
  2. Solar energy can be converted into voltage and current by using modern technology devices known as photo voltaic cells.
  3. Solar energy can be used in active and passive way. The example of using in active way is by using PV cells. Passive way is by orienting the room in such a way to use sunlight in our favor.
  4. Solar energy is responsible for heating our ocean water and the water vapor that gets created rises above and formation of cloud takes place. These clouds will cause rain and brings back water to earth and the water cycle continues.
  5. Solar energy also heats our green plants and a chemical energy is developed, which creates bio mass for getting fossil fuels.
  6. Solar energy is extensively used for cultivation of various agricultural plants and we obtain our basic food from that.
  7. Solar energy can be used for generating hot water for our home needs.
  8. We can use solar energy in passive manner with the help of solar chimney to have sufficient light inside our room in the house.
  9. Solar energy can be used for creating salt from the sea water.
  10. We can dry up our clothes by using sunlight.
  11. Food can be cooked and dried by using solar energy.
  12. Solar energy can be converted into electricity by using photovoltaic cells.
  13. Solar energy can be a very good alternate of oil that is used for generating energy.
  14. Solar energy does not create any kind of pollution in the earth unlike many other sources of energy.
  15. Solar energy can be used for various space missions.
  16. Solar energy is considered to be most reliable source of energy.
  17. We get about 1366 watts per square meter of direct solar radiation.
  18. If there is temporary requirement of power e.g. in fairs, Olympic game, solar energy is preferred.
  19. In calculators also solar energy can be used as source of power.
  20. Solar panels are maintenance free as no batteries are used.
  21. You can reduce your electricity bill by using solar energy.
  22. Solar energy is used only in fraction of our energy needs.
  23. Solar energy can be converted into fire by using glass lens.
  24. Many people are not using solar energy as it needs large initial investment.
  25. Clouds and pollution often obstructs sun ray’s to reach earth.


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