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The invention of cloud technologies have brought about a new way through which infrastructure resources are created, organized, deployed and consumed. One of the major draw backs of this technology is that it is yet to develop a channel through which small and medium sized businesses can have easy access to this advancement in technology. For most of these business organizations, the only way thorough which they consume IT is through managed services provided by a trustworthy, reliable advisor. For the MSPs, it is however very costly to build and operate a personally owned cloud infrastructure. It is not only expensive but also requires a great amount of resources and time and as such considered unnecessary. On the other hand, there are many great benefits of reselling existing pubic cloud platforms.

Wholesale cloud services offers technology service providers the chance to  add profitable cloud services to their service portfolios and providing secure, highly available IaaS environment for their clients for applications of all kinds including complex, multi tier applications. Some cloud service providers supports virtual servers alone, while others offer you the chance to configure both virtual and physical servers greatly designed to meet the requirements of your clients. with these servers that comes with flawless flexibility, your client can run databases and other applications easily and in a more confident manner.

Just as demand for cloud services are on the increase today, enterprise IT has started working towards matching different workloads to the cloud environment in which they run most efficiently. The increase in demand for cloud services explains why so many businesses are looking towards a wholesale cloud distribution model. It is seen by many as an evolution of the cloud. For most MSP partners, they don’t hold much significance to owning infrastructure, but rather the value lies in building a good customer relationship and their reputation as a trustworthy, reliable advisor.

Most MSPs tend to transition from running their own clouds to wholesale cloud services that offers multi cloud services. Wholesale cloud services are considered by many as the solution to addressing the security and service needs of their clients. One of the major factors to thoroughly take into consideration is choosing the right wholesale cloud provider. Opting for an unreliable wholesale cloud provider can lead to the failure of MSP partners. It is, however, very important to do a thorough research when choosing a wholesale cloud provider.

The wholesale solution provided must be able to integrate with any existing infrastructure used by the channel partner, while also having the ability to seamlessly and properly align with internal cloud and public services the end user has in place. A wholesale cloud service provider has to be innovative in the cloud marketplace by adding new services and upgrading existing services. This will help meet up with the ever increasing demand of clients. Wholesale cloud services offers optimum security and improved performance of in-house data center infrastructure at an affordable rate.


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