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Tilt trays are used extensively by businesses in a number of industries, predominantly automotive and heavy industries, with some businesses purchasing and maintaining their own vehicles, and others using the vehicles of service providers. Depending on the business and the work they carry out, there are advantages or disadvantages to using the services of others or going DIY.

What are Tilt Trays used for?

Tilt trays are used in a number of industries for transporting a very broad and diverse variety of items, and business owners will not have a problem making arrangements for a tilt tray in Perth, or any other part of the country for that matter. Some of the purposes for which tilt trays are required include the following:

  • Accident and breakdown towing
  • Equipment and vehicle transport
  • Shipping container transport

Tilt tray trucks are usually fitted with the latest equipment, which often includes recovery winches for accident and breakdown towing and vehicle transport, and hydraulic rams for shipping container transport as well as plant machinery transport.

These are, however, just a few of many examples that could be given, as tilt trays are used for a wide range of tasks, just as Reef Group’s superb tilt tray service in Perth is used by a wide range of businesses in the local and surrounding areas.

Serviced or DIY?

This is quite a question for many business owners, and as mentioned above, there are both advantages and disadvantages to take into account, depending on the services the business offers its customers.

Procurement – The cost of purchasing a tilt tray truck can be extremely high and is a prominent reason why many businesses choose to hire a tilt tray from a local service provider rather than buy one. Having said that, if the tilt tray was required on a daily basis, it may prove more cost-effective to purchase one. Frequency of use is one of the most important factors to take into account.

Hiring – As there are a number of tilt tray service providers and, therefore, a great deal of competition among competing businesses, it can actually prove very cost-effective to hire a tilt tray. For business owners in need of tray services in Perth, it is actually very easy to get a great deal and those that don’t require such services on a daily, or even a regular basis, should definitely look at hiring over buying as the costs of procurement are extensive and may not be in line with the needs of the business.

Expertise – This is a factor that all business owners really need to think about if they are going to purchase their own tilt tray than hiring one when required. As reputable service providers are able to provide expertise in addition to great rental rates, many are choosing the serviced option over the DIY option.

Serviced or DIY is a choice that every business owner who requires tilt tray services will need to make after evaluating the advantages and disadvantages associated with hiring or purchasing.


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