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When you are on traveling, you can surely use a few life-hacks to make your trip smoother and smarter. The advancement in technology has brought to us some amazing gadgets to take on with us when we are traveling. There are so many portable gadgets to choose from, however, in our list we are suggesting the ones with more usability.

Let’s take a look at the top five gadgets for traveling.

1. Plastic Card

In this age of e-cards and advanced electronic payment services, managing physical cards can be an irritating fit and an extra burden on your tiny pocket. Not to mention, there could be 2-8 at times, all necessary to carry, but don’t worry, Plastic Card is here to save the day. By virtue of its RFID-enabled and on-chip PIN, you can leave all your cards behind at home, and conduct transactions of 20 different cards through this single gadget.

2. Wireless Key Finder

Though the name limits it to a specific function, you can hack its power to find anything that you think keeps slipping through your mind, including your wallet. Just attach a tag to your keys and other important stuff, and locate them by pressing a single button. Your lost objects will call beeping back. It may not seem appealing to some, but forgetful people who have lost their mobile phones, wallets, keys, glasses etc, will understand its importance.

3. ico Genie

Pico Genie is your own 3D-ready projector that transmits display of your smartphone, tablet or laptop to any flat surface, in real time. It comes with a long lasting built-in battery, HDMI port and micro-USB which connects and mirrors live screens of practically all existing smartphone and tablets.

4. Solar Charger and Power Bank

On a camping trip, where you have to live without electricity, something to keep your mobile phones charged could be a knock-out gadget. Solar charger and power bank can not only recharge your tablets, digital cameras, smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices, it can also recharge itself via sunlight.

5. Mini TV Box

Top 5 Gadgets For Traveling

This Internet TV Box is your ultimate entertainment package, with power of world wide web at the tip of your palm, which can be wirelessly connected to the TV to make it a PC. PIPO X8 is also a fine example which is available for only $118.2 with free shipping. It is Powered by Windows 8.1 and Android, with Quad Core processor, 2GB RAM and 64GB Rom. All in all, it is the perfect portable gadget to carry on your family vacation.

You can also browse more exciting TV Box gadgets online. These top five gadgets are your best companions on a travel. Keep in touch for more product reviews and interesting gadget lists.


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