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Things can be a bit frustrating for first time RVers. Eventually, some of the components will be damaged, requiring an immediate replacement and repair. There are many components outside and inside the RV. Cabinets are essential to keep our smaller items inside the cabinets. They often have bunk latches, push latches, positive latches and cabinet latches. With typical cabinet latches, they usually require typical pushing, pulling and touching movements. They often have only a single moving part. Cabinet catches require pulling or pushing, but they often have extra moving parts. Also, it is more likely for your find catches, inside of latches inside the RV. They are also commonly known as roller catches, barrel catches, bulldog catches, concealed roller catches and magnetic catches. They are essential if you want to keep cabinet doors closed during a trip. On the other hand cabinet hinges should be quite self-explanatory. You may also find various types of hinges inside the RV, such as antique finished hinges and brass hinges. Other than brass, RV hinges may also be made from brushed nickel and stainless steel. Some hinges are self supporting, self closing and free swinging. So it is important for you to choose the most appropriate type of hinges. There are also door struts for cabinets, which usually have spring loaded arms. When you open it, you should be able to keep the cabinet door raised. Struts are typically found on cabinet doors that are horizontally raised. Most of the time, these door struts are quite user friendly.

There are also drawers inside the RV, which are available as different types, including drawer slide kits, drawer bumpers and drawer slides sockets. Socket slides can be made from metal and plastic. For doors, compartment doors and bed lifts, gas props are usually used. When gas props need to replaced, you should replace them with identical ones. This is essential because we need to use proper pounds and lengths. In general, using wrong prop may cause damages and injuries. When replacing gas props, the brackets will need to be replaced as well. Compartment door hardware can be quite frustrating. There are different shapes of baggage door latches and catches. There are different styles and types for these components. They may have rounded or squared ends, as well as different colors, such as chrome, black, beige and colonial white. Baggage doors or compartment doors in RV usually have identical circumferences. But there are differences in lengths that you should know about. There is also entry door hardware, which is consisted of entry door holders and grab handles. On the side of the door, you may see some grab handles mounted. With door holders, you should be able to securely hold the door open. There are different lengths, styles, colors and angles of RV door holders. When replacing RV door holders, you should be able to do this quite easily. You can take off and put them on immediately. Replacement hardware should be quite affordable and you are able to perform the replacement task quite easily.


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