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It is evident that it takes more than being good for any piece of content to achieve success or go viral in the web. This means that some of the web contents that are regarded as good are usually not guaranteed of attracting high responses. This has been tested and proven in different aspects including SEO. However, there are certain aspects that have been studied by people with ample web handling experience which when applied improve the likelihood of different pieces of content in the web going viral.


One of the outstanding features that were common in web content that attracted most people includes writing long and in-depth posts. Most of the contents that triggered readers’ curiosity to either read or share were relatively long and hence they contained more details about the particular topic. Most readers would rather take more time to comprehensively understand the entire story rather than get just a hint without elaborating on the details in depth. This explains why content with more words has more chances of going viral than that with just a few words.


Another virtue that was observed to be among those that attracts readers in web content includes information that has the capability to arouse emotions. This means that content that inspires emotions such as anger, awe, sadness, anxiety or happiness has higher chances of being popular in the web than just ordinary content. Among the different emotions, anger is the one that attracts more responses as people tries to vent their anger by airing their opinion. It was established that most people who respond because of anger usually targets the content rather than the author. Hence preparing web content that inspires emotion is a great way of popularising the content and can even be applied on search engine optimisation in Brisbane.


Content that is made up of information that is interesting, surprising and can be applied in real life also has a higher chance of attracting more people in the web. This is attributed to the fact that people enjoys to be surprised with details they did not expect. People also enjoy reading content that has suspense and hence interesting. Furthermore, web users also like learning new things which they can later apply in their day to day lives. Hence, content that combines the three virtues improves chances of going viral.


It is also evident that the author of web content also determines the number of people who will be interested in reading or sharing the particular content. A famous or trusted author has higher likely hood of marketing the content even if it is not all that good. But an unknown author who has good content stands lesser chances of attracting a lot of people. It was peculiarly noted that content prepared by women authors also has higher chances of attracting more people on the web.


The other virtue that is known to almost always produce positive results is humor. This is because almost everyone enjoys humorous content since they are also interesting. However the studies used correlation and also different people can respond with different answers to the same question hence bring up chances of errors. However, web content administrators including search engine optimisation can apply the different virtues to improve the chances of their contents going viral.


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