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The wait is over for the mobile lovers because LG is going to launch their Optimus G2, in the autumn season of 2013 according to the reports.

Scot Webster of CNET has expressed that the new mobile was expected to be launched in the beginning of the year in CES 2013 but LG failed to do so. However, he has assured one thing that the mobile is going to be launched in the later part of the year, may be in the autumn of this year. Therefore, the mobile lovers do not need to wait for a long time.

Well, there is always pre release hype for this mobile handset from LG. The other rumors which were already famous with this mobile handset in the market are remaining the same. The mobile device will contain 1080p HD display and it will be at 5 to 5.5 inch screen. The wide screen will surely support the new improved display of this mobile handset.

Well, one thing is still not sure that whether this new device from LG is going to come with new Android application Jelly Beans or not. There was also a rumor that Optimus G2 will have S4 Snapdragon quad core processor in it. It is expected that this processor is lot faster than the current chips of quad core.

The setup of Optimus G2 may have 2.5GHz in the chips of MSM 8974 and it will have the capability of 4G LTE.

Well, to view this new mobile model of LG, the mobile lovers don’t need to wait for a long time. They are going to see LG Optimus G2 probably in the month of February this year.

Well, there is a chance that though the actual launch of this new mobile handset will in the later part of the year, LG might showcase their new device in the Mobile Work Congress as one and only announcement related to mobile phones at CES. They are going to announce that it will attend the Barcelona expo with the other new products of Smartphones.

As the launch of this device has been delayed by LG, many a rumor is coming on the market related to this handset.

Another rumor has become quite popular that this device will be launched by LG at the same time when Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched in the market. According to Webster, LG will try to beat Samsung with this new device which will have a very wide display and moreover the latest OS of Android, Jelly Beans in it.

As the popularity of Android Jelly Beans is already in the market, its presence in this new LG handset is surely going to increase its popularity in the market.

With such a wonderful Smartphone LG is surely going to have a close fight with Samsung Galaxy S4. Only time can say who will win the race but it is sure that the mobile lovers will get some good choices to buy in the later half of the year.


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