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Parking lot lights has become one of the many light sources that consume maximum percentage of electricity per month. From dusk till dawn, parking lot lights will be kept switched on in almost all companies, so as to help late night working staff to easily park their vehicles and proceed towards the elevator that leads them to their respective floors.
Apart from electricity consuming gadgets such as computers, printing and photo copy machines, ACs, coffee makers, etc, and other such equipment, parking lot lights are the only source that can enhance the number of zeros in any company’s electricity bill. Hence, almost all business management services are looking for alternative power sources that can help them reduce such unnecessary addition of extra digits in their monthly financial expenditure.
Solar power supply sources have become the best alternative for electricity sources these days. Apart from being an eco-friendly way of lighting up the parking lot areas, solar energy is comparatively quite convenient.

  • You can get the solar lights installed on either sides of the path or even parking area without any need to find the electricity outlet in the nearby surroundings.
  • Easy installation of parking lot solar lights will save you from drawing exclusive lines from the nearby electricity outlet. You can even escape from the aftercare that follows with electricity lines, such as covering the cable line, guiding the line in such direction wherein the traffic is quite less or even nil, purchasing cable extensions only for such case, etc.
  • The solar lights are quite easier to maintain. Since the power source is the renewable resource, which is sunlight you will escape from the hassles that follows with looking for the right electricity suppliers, completing paperwork, etc. You will even escape from paying extra hundreds of dollars against electricity bill.
  • Solar power source is an eco-friendly option. Hence, you will not be violating any nature preservation law or might cause any damage to the environment, by installing solar power lights.

Benefits of Solar Parking Lot Light Installations
There are many benefits of installing solar powered parking lot lights. Some are listed below.

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply even During Blackouts

Power outage is a common issue, during summers. During such cases, there are chances that the alternative power supply sources might fail to work properly, and hence leave the roads and paths unlit. Such roads are more prone to accidents because of failure in light sources.
Solar lights will draw their energy from the power batteries, and these will be charged during day time from sunlight. Hence, the parking lot will automatically light up, even if there is power outage issue. Altogether it reduces the chances of accidents because of bad-light problem, and hence saves many lives, especially during power outage issues.

  • Reduces the Chances of Burglary or Theft

Industrial areas are more prone to burglary or theft, especially when the power supply is out. Solar lights will be lit throughout the nighttime till dawn, and this helps the security services of any company to have clear view of the entire surroundings of any business property.


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