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The world of marketing is on a constant rise with the advancements every now and then. There have been some amazing changes introduced in 2018 in different sections of marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing and email marketing etc. However, there is still a lot of potential of betterment in the marketing trends. 2019 will be incorporating some of the latest content marketing trends that are mentioned as follow

Authentic and promising content

Authenticity has always been an important aspect in every sector of life. However, in 2019 it will be playing a great role in the content marketing. The content on your website must be authentic and clearly mentions the goals and missions of your brand. According to the majority of the customers, they are convinced to buy the product if the content on the website is clearly describing it and are promising transparency of the brand.

Tailored and interactive content

Majority of the famous ecommerce companies have started making their content customized for the customers. It increases interactivity and keeps the readers interested. According to majority of the customers, they prefer to see relevant content which is according to their liking and that also plays a major role in convincing them to buy the product. No one likes to come across content in which they are not interested and it also deliberately looks like marketing tricks. However, if the appearing content is according to a person’s liking, he will easily accept it on the screen and will watch it too.

Ad hoc content team based on influencers

Initially brands used to partner up with influencers to promote the products on their own platforms and channels. However, in 2019 the system will be reversed completely and the influencers will be invited by the brands t create content which will be then published on the brand’s channels and website. This is an excellent technique to keep the brand’s channels interesting and active while attracting the audience of influencers as well. This is an effective strategy to increase your audience by targeting it through different influential people.

Social media influence

It is not a new trend but will surely gain full coverage in 2019. The bandwagon of social media marketing will become a must to hop n for effective marketing. Without social media marketing brands will not be able to fall in the criteria of properly marketed products. Social media is the most used platform by people of all ages. Whether your brand’s targeted audience is teenagers or elderly people, social media is an excellent platform to attract them all with the use of effective strategies and content. You will also be able to increase your reach with social media marketing and a greater number of people will be aware of your brand.

Chat bots on web pages

Chat bots have drastically gain popularity across the internet. It is an excellent way to keep the customers engaged with your services and products when they visit your website. Chat bots have helped to increase customer-brand communication which increases customer satisfaction and they trust in the brand to spend their money at. In 2019 chat bots will become a mandatory feature of every website s that the people can easily get in touch with the representatives of customer for inquiry and complains. For instance, if the business provides assignment help then the chat bots available on the website will make it easier for the students to reach out to the customer support representative for any kind of questions or if the order is in process then for any additional requirements.

Videos and webinars

2019 will be the year of video popularity. The concept of images and ads of images is common; however, video marketing was not as common as today. Video is an excellent way to keep the customers engaged and interested in what you are trying t say. According to a study, majority of the customers are convinced to buy a certain product after watching the videos of the brand. You can shoot professional videos of your product or service to keep the customers engaged and interested in the advertisements.

Collaboration among brands

2019 will be the year in which there will be an increase in the number of collaborations between different brands. It is an effective strategy to develop content greater in diversity and appropriate for a greater variety of people. Just like influencers, collaborations among brands also help in increasing the number and type of your targeted audience by strategically targeting the audience of the other brand.

Discussed above are some of the content marketing trends which will rule the marketing world in 2019. Businesses and marketing agencies will have to adopt these techniques to effectively market the old and new brands.


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