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Statistics show that in developed countries more and more workforce is actually transferred to the service sector. This means that we are less and less involved in manufacturing of goods and products, and are much more involved in providing a service. Services on the other hand are divided on smaller categories, but essentially the tech service is leading the way. Worldwide more and more employees are working for companies, which primarily deal with online services.

Presentation Sells

By now you are probably wondering why you need this information. The answer is fairly simple. Back when we were focused on manufacturing, business-to-client relationships were the standard. Companies tried to cater to every single individual. We can see that by looking at older ads. If you have been watching TV recently, you should know how ads have changed. They are higher quality, more subtle, they teach values, rather than just sell a product. They want to imprint ideas on you, which ideas will make you buy what they sell. Ads have turned into stories, and while people often disregarded them in the past, now they enjoy them. Marketing has become even more of a force.

All of this is because we can manufacture more than we ever could, we could afford more than before, but the truth is that people don’t need new things that much. So how do you sell them new things? You make them look amazing, you show them in a setting of the average family, how the product improves lives. And people buy it. They may not need it, they may not really want it that much, but they buy it. That’s how our minds have been taught to function – buy whatever makes life easier.

But the reality is that people aren’t really buying the product, they are buying the presentation. That is why you can see brands in electronics, cars, clothes and other categories, which brands cost way more than they should. Why? Because of marketing. Even rebranding is a regular practice – something that would have been scolded some 20 years ago.

What is rebranding? That is having a certain product that a company manufactured sold under the name of another company. This is how many of the electronics brands are selling their items – they have never manufactured them, they have just rebranded them. This is especially true for computer related items.

And all this product selling, marketing and whatnot can teach you one thing – how to sell your services. The key to success seems to be presentation. Put on a suit and people treat you differently. Have a Chicago limousine service chauffeur drive you around, and people will think you are a boss. It is all presentation and psychology. Next time you go on an interview don’t just put on a random suit you have. Go and get yourself one that fits as well as possible. Get a haircut. Straighten up your posture. Boost up your confidence. Even if you don’t have that much to offer, if you present yourself like the best person for a position, chances are it will be yours. Go get them!


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