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Brainwashing refers to the process we carry out inside our head, for the purpose of solving a specific problem by thinking of various ideas that can serve as potential solutions. It can be performed in groups or even in an individual manner.

A little brainstorming goes a long way in ensuring that you end up writing a successful essay and not one that fails to make any impact whatsoever. Brainstorming for an essay begins when you stop to think about the topic of your of essay and pen down the various ideas popping up in your mind.  This helps you gather all of your thoughts in an efficient manner and organize them in one place.

Here are some of the steps you can go about when brainstorming for a certain essay:

1- Come up with a problem that needs solution:

There are a million problems waiting to be solved, depending upon your field. It is imperative that you chose one of them for investigation. This process should begin by making a list of various topics, just anything you can think of. Consider a topic, then think about its alternatives and evaluate it against the others. Select the one you find best.

2- Identify the objectives of your essay:

Once you have decided to present a specific problem as your topic, it is now time for coming up with the objectives of the essay you want to cover.

Grab a pen and paper or open the MS word and just start typing whatever comes to your mind. Just think, “Is it relevant to the essay topic?” If the answer is YES, then it should be on the paper. This will create a rough draft or general outline of what you are going to be writing in your essay!

3- Work on a potential solution:

Start thinking of the many solutions of the problem you have chosen, but in accordance with the objectives you outlined earlier. Your focus should be on discovering as many solutions and answers as possible. A main hurdle most often faced by the students is, they get stuck on one solution and endlessly focus on it only, instead of focusing on all. It is necessary to cogently present all solutions to the problem, but for that you need to give time to each one of them.

4- Use your brainstorming session to write the essay:

Once you are done with the brainstorming, it is now time to convert all your collected thoughts into an essay. Brainstorming should provide you with enough material to be able to intelligently construct the body of the essay without getting stuck on a specific point. However, if you have not made sure to properly come up with ideas on which to base the essay on, you wouldn’t be able to write the essay and the brainstorming would be a fail as well as a waste of time.

For the brainstorming to be successful, you must be able to generate a central idea on which to base the essay. The objective is to be able to conveniently convey your message and cut through the clutter of overly irrelevant or inappropriate ideas.

If individual brainstorming doesn’t work you can opt for, group brainstorming that is if you’re able to gather more than two people. An excellent way of doing that is by forming a Focus Group.  It can comprise of a number of people worst affected by the problem you are covering in your essay and then ask them to contribute with personal experiences of how the problem affects them. This valuable input can help you a great deal with discussing the problem, its causes and effects in the essay. Another option is going for a paid service such as essay writing – 7$ Canada so that you can save yourself all the trouble.


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