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Organising a store and exhibiting products in an interesting and innovative way that catches the fancy of passersby can be fun. Giving your stuffs a little edge, and shifting goods and products here and there inside your store can make a huge difference in the impact it creates on your potential as well as existing customers. So, donning the designer’s hat, you can make some changes now and then to keep things fresh in your retail outlet. Thinking, what should you introduce into the store to alter the way it looks presently? Well, display cubes can help you serve the purpose.

Display cubes of any material can make your store appealing; however, it is acrylic cubes that are majorly preferred by store owners across the globe. These can be stacked one above the other, as well as suspended from ceilings and rails, and even lit up with integrated bulbs. Depending on the context you want to use such cubes, these can create an amazing look. Let us delve into the various possible fun-filled uses of acrylic display cubes:

Shop Window Displays

Your shop windows act as a gateway to the wonders of your store. It gives a sneak peak of the products and/or services offered in your store, based on which people can decide whether to enter your store or not. So, it is vital that you arrange your window displays in such an order that makes it eye-catchy; something that an onlooker cannot miss. Display cubes made of acrylic panels can be used to create admirable front window displays of stores. From populating a section of the window with bold colours to emphasising a product on the windows, acrylic cubes can provide for. Whether you are looking for subdued lighting for daytime or bright lighting during the night, integrated lighting in these cubes can take care of all.

Point of Sale Displays

When it comes to selling or showcasing items, POS arrangements emerge to be one of the vital areas that need to be worked on. Display cubes of various sizes can effectively create intriguing POS arrangements. By simply setting up a few cubes, you can get a new look that can be re-arranged anytime to keep the freshness quotient alive in your store. Often acrylic display cubes come with acrylic pockets at the back, which can be used to exhibit small leaflets and posters; serving promotional requirements as well.

In-Store Displays

If you have a product launch coming up or planning to exhibit some seasonal items, then you will definitely want people to mainly focus on those products. Display cubes can help you to draw people to the real focal point of the event, so that a high footfall to your store is ensured. Today, cubes come in various colours and sizes. Therefore, if you want to have a stunning and colourful appearance of your store, these cubes can be of help. However, acrylic display cubes are generally transparent in colour and offer a classy look to any retail outlets. In case, you want to use cubes made of acrylic then it is sizes, where you can experiment.

Catering Displays

Bakers and local food markets can make use of certain acrylic display cubes that are made of food grade materials. It makes them fit for use in businesses like catering, eateries and cafes and more, where you can up sell items with the help of these. For instance, if you want to display your production of cupcakes or anything similar, clear acrylic boxes with concealed lids can be of aid.

Jewellery Displays

Many display cubes come with lockable lids that makes the product on display safe and secured. Hence, it can be considered ideal for jewellery displays. Integrating low level lighting in these cubes can bring the gems within alive and sparkling. From in-store selling to hitting the roads for some fair or exhibition, acrylic display cubes are the answer to your search for secured and clear display arrangements.

Thus, it is clear that display cubes can be used in various ways in different industries. Suspend these from railings or stack them up in a particular formation inside the store, display cubes allow you to think out of the box.


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