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Tablet Take-Over: 4 Killer Accessories For Tablets

The future of personal computing is light, mobile and filled with truly useful accessories. Not long ago, tablet manufacturers were mostly interested in developing hardware that could only be enhanced with the use of mobile apps. These days, however, the focus is on truly extending the functionality of tablets with useful accessories. The following four accessories allow tablet users to transform their devices into highly efficient productivity machines.


Let’s face it: mobile apps that enhance the touch typing functionality of tablets can only go so far. The popularity of tablets that sell with a case and special keyboard is a testament to the fact that tablet manufacturers are not going to bid goodbye to the sheer convenience of full, external keyboards. If anything, the new generation of keyboard accessories for tablets actually improves upon the tablet experience by offering Bluetooth connectivity, back lighting, integrated numeric pads, track pads, and more.

Tablet Take-Over: 4 Killer Accessories For Tablets

Microscope Cameras

The advent of digital microscopes has brought many possibilities insofar as interacting with computers. Coupled with tablets, microscope users can truly enhance their work, research and academic experience thanks to accessories such as the Moticam X Wi-Fi, a tablet microscope by This accessory turns iPads and Android-powered tablets into digital laboratories. The device delivers high-resolution images through a wireless network that can support up to six devices without having to set up a router. The Moticam X also comes with a control interface that can be operated from any HTML5 compliant browser, which means that there is no need to install new mobile apps.

Credit Card Readers

Cumbersome cash registers and intrusive credit card terminals that required dedicated phone lines and created a tangle of wires belong to a bygone era. Small business owners can now bring their own sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) system wherever they go with credit card readers that connect to iPads and Android tablets. These credit card reader accessories are often offered by major providers of online payment solutions, which means that self-employed professionals and small business owners can be quickly approved to become merchants, thus increasing their productivity and providing greater convenience to their customers.

Sound Systems

Even the most sophisticated tablets cannot avoid a certain shortcoming, which is being able to deliver a worthy audio experience. While most tablet users are content with simply attaching a pair of headphones, audiophiles are more likely to benefit from a portable sound system accessory. These attachments do more than just deliver rich audio—they usually include wall mounts and remote controls to make the sound experience even more enjoyable.

In the end, the four accessories above are just a small sample of the growing catalog of products that connect to tablets to make them something more than just a personal computing device.


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