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Two massive retailers on the mobile market today are both Blackberry and Apple. Apple offers a touchscreen slim line phone that has a variety of high-end applications and state of the art features as well as a stylish look and an aesthetically pleasing casing.

The Blackberry on the other hand offers a handset that is also extremely modern however it is a little more on the business side in appearance in comparison to the iPhone; it also has one major difference. This difference is a full QWERTY keyboard, which allows users with access to the best of both worlds. A touch screen display and a slide out keyboard are both accessible on this particular model, so when the user finds that it is easier to type a longer length email or message on a keypad rather than just the screen itself, then this is also possible.

In regards to software, this is where each handset also differs slightly. The iPhone runs with Safari, yet the Blackberry runs with Windows. This factor is probably one of the main factors to persuade users towards one or the other when it comes to each handset’s qualities.

Those that work with Macs and Apple products regularly will more than likely wish to invest in an iPhone as it will sync perfectly with their laptop, however those that have other software and regularly work on Windows may want to stick to this software, however both handsets will work with either computer as well. This is possible through either a USB device or alternatively by using a Bluetooth device!

Neither handset can be said to be better than the other as both are so different. However, each handset allows you to enter into a world of technology, viewing pictures, videos and imagery, accessing emails on tap, looking up numbers, sending messages, taking snaps, capturing memories, playing games, staying in touch with people and surfing the web.

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